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Feb 08, 2017

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M19 is a Russian gaming company established on the 9th January 2017 and is owned by an Investment firm, Strongbow Investments. The organisation was originally created in 1999 but had to disband all their teams in 2005.

M19 acquired the young lol team of the former Albus NoX Luna at the start of 2017. The team’s history had them competing against two of the best teams, Vega Squadron and H2K Gaming.

Their first competition under M19 was at the IEM XI World Championship finishing in the seventh place, they lost to Hong Kong Esports. Their next tournament they will participate in is the LCL Spring Split 2017.

The Team

Kirill Likkrit Malofeev

Kirill ‘Likkrit’ Malofeev

Kirill ‘Likkrit’ Malofeev is a professional player that plays the supportive role in M19. Likkrit’s best played Lol champions include Thresh, Bard and Tahm Kench. What Kirill likes about League of Legends is the team fights, the aggressiveness, shouts and cheering of esports fans.

Egor VincentVega Medvedev

Egor ‘VincentVega’ Medvedev

Egor ‘VincentVega’ Medvedev is a 21-year-old gifted cyber athlete who joined M19 in January 2017 as the Ad Carry. He began competing competitively with team Dragon back in November 2013. VincentVega has performed his best playing the lol characters Kalista, Tristana and Graves.

Michael Kira Garmash

Michael ‘Kira’ Garmash

Michael ‘Kira’ Garmash is the mid laner and captain of the LOL team, M19. Kira is a humble and positive person but when it comes to playing in competitions he has a very aggressive playstyle. He chose his nickname ‘Kira’ from the Death Note animation series. Apart from gaming he likes watching his favourite anime, Bakuman and enjoys playing the guitar.

Alexander PvPStejos Glazkov

Alexander ‘PvPStejos’ Glazkov

Alexander ‘PvPStejos’ Glazkov is a passionate pro gamer from Ukraine. Through his gaming experience he has learnt to play the top lane, AD carry and at present the Jungler position for M19. Before the transition to League of legends, Glazkov used to play World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Dota.

Dmitri Smurf Ivanov

Dmitri ‘Smurf’ Ivanov

Dmitri ‘Smurf’ Ivanov is a Russian pro that hails from Kaliningrad. He takes on the role of top laner for M19, giving his best performances with lol characters Shen, Poppy and Gangplank. He got his nickname from famous Belgian comics about blue dwarves, Smurfs. Before League of Legends was released, Smurf used to compete with his friends in Dota. When LOL was out, he played for about two years and started to play professionally in March 2014 with Dolphins.