23 Sep 2017 - 4 Nov 2017

LOL World Championship 2017

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Prize Pool

  1. 1. $843,750
  2. 2. $303,750
  3. 3 - 4. $157,500
  4. 5 - 8. $112,500
  5. 9 - 12. $50,625
  6. 13 - 16. $28,125
  7. 17 - 20. $16,875
  8. 21 - 24. $11,250

One of the biggest events organized by Riot Games is the LOL World Championship 2017. Top teams from across the world will battle it out for their share of a staggering prize pool of $2 million.  

The tournament is just around the corner starting with the new Play-in Stage held on the 23rd September until the Finals on the 4th November in four different locations in China. Spells will be cast and Towers will fall…. Which top LOL squad will take the Championship Trophy in 2017?


SKT Telecom T1 at Worlds 2016

Last year’s LOL World Championship 2016 proved to be quite a success, from trials to tribulations, two Korean teams, SKT and SSG reached the grand finals. In the end, SK Telecom T1 triumphed beating Samsung Galaxy with a score 3-2, winning a staggering prize of $2 million at Worlds, showing the esports community, who are the League of Legends masters. 

The World Championship 2017 might as well be the biggest LOL event in history. Worlds will promise you more competition and intense action as more teams from different regions will have the opportunity to compete for a spot in the main event. 

The Esports tournament will kick off with the Play-in Stage 1 and 2 that have yet to take place where 12 squads will fight for a spot to advance in the Group Stage.


The Play-In Teams for the LOL World Championship 2017

  •           Team WE
  •           Hong Kong Attitude
  •           Fnatic
  •           Cloud9
  •           Young Generation
  •           1907 FenerBahce Esports
  •           Kaos Latin Gamers
  •           Rampage
  •           Lyon Gaming
  •           Dire Wolves
  •           Team One
  •           Gambit Esports


Four of the best LOL teams that win the Play-in Stage 2 will progess to the Group Stage, which will take place between the 5th October till 10th October 2017.  As Worlds is fast approaching, the qualified LOL teams have already been announced, except four places have yet to be filled.

The Group Stage at League of Legends World Championships will be featuring 16 teams divided in four groups of four. The top eight LOL units will advance to the Playoffs in a single elimination bracket over the course of seven days. In the Knockout Stage held from the 19th October until 4th November, all matches will be a best-of-five. 

The Qualified Teams for LOL World Championship 2017 

Group A


Group A can be known as the group of death as SK Telecom T1 were the winners in last year’s Worlds. There is no doubt that SKT T1 is the dominant team and favourites in LOL thanks to their star player Faker. 

The only team in the group that has the potential to defeat SKT is in fact Edward Gaming. At the finals of MSI 2015, EDG managed to beat them with the score 3-2. Their LOL roster includes mid-laner Scout who started his career with SKT so he may know a thing or two how to counter Faker and his team. 

As for Ahq e-Sports Club, they may have shown a slight improvement but going against the best of the best, they sure will have to step up their game to survive the groups. 

Group B


Longzhu Gaming are also LOL favourites that play an aggressive style as can be seen in their latest win at LCK Summer 2017. Longzhu showed esports fans that SKT can be vulnerable, defeating them with an unbeatable score 3-1. 

The Gigabyte Marines have recently changed their roster and so their playstyle may not be as fast paced as expected. On the other hand, they have also surprised esports audiences with their impressive showing at the Mid-Season Invitational beating G2 and Team Solomid. 

Immortals have shown strong performances in LOL tournaments but have lost to Solomid in the NA LCS Summer 2017. The American LOL unit have to prove their worth, showing how immortal they are if they want advance to the playoffs. 

LOL Worlds Championship Cup 2017


Group C


In last Worlds Championships, Samsung Galaxy came in second place which means they are another tough team to deal with. SSG will definitely be favorites to go through playoffs. 

The Royals will Never Give Up fighting with their aggressive playstyles in the LOL World Championship 2017. The RNG squad is very unpredictable, making them bloodthirsty which could lead to mistakes in-game.  

G2 Esports have proved that they can be a top LOL team, after having come second in MSI 2017 and IEM World Championship Katowice. They certainly have the experience competing with top teams like SKT, UOL and Flash Wolves at several prestigious tournaments but can they pull through to the Playoffs at the League of Legends World Championship 2017? 

Group D


For the third year in a row, Team SoloMid have been put in Group D but this time they will not contend with SKT but with Flash Wolves and Misfits so the group stage is not as tough as the past two years. They acquired their spot after winning the NA LCS in the finals beating immortals. 

Flash Wolves acquired their spot winning the LMS Summer 2017 against ahq e-Sports Club. At times this LOL team may seem weak in tournaments but do not underestimate them as you could be in for a surprise. 

Lol worlds 2017 logo

The European team, Misfits acquired their spot in Worlds after coming in second place at the EU LCS Summer 2017. As a LOL squad they are talented but lack the experience competing in international events, putting them in a disadvantage. Misfits’ practice and competition against the likes of better units could help them strategize and know how to counteract their opponents.