Li ‘Cody Sun’ Yu Sun

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Apr 19, 2017

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Li ‘Cody Sun’ Yu Sun

Li ‘Cody Sun’ Yu Sun is a Chinese cyber athlete who plays League of Legends as the AD Carry for Immortals. When Li was seven, the family immigrated to Canada, seeing a bright future ahead to follow his dream to be a pro gamer.

Cody Sun is famous for his best performances on AD carry heroes like Ashe and Sivir as well as hard carries like Jynx and Kog’Maw. His improving skills and abilities will put Cody Sun to the test in the future tournaments of the NA LCS to lead his team to win matches.

Where it all began:

LOL game3

His dedication and talent to practice in League of Legends has made him into the professional player he is today. Li began his gaming career competing for Magnetic as their AD carry and since then has acquired the game plays that draw the attention of esports fans. His performances did not go unnoticed while playing for Dream Team, which led to his signing with Immortals.

The Team:

Immortals is an North American gaming association that was established in October 2015 that strengthened their successful esports presence. The club supports teams such as LOL, CS:GO, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros and VainGlory.

Immortals LOL team2

Immortals acquired the former Team 8 players in time to compete for the NA LCS Championships. The latest changes to LOL Immortals roster saw Adrian, Reignover, Huni and WildTurtle leave the unit last November 2016. The new roster for 2017 consists of Flame, Dardoch, Pobelter, Cody Sun and Olleh.

Competitions and Winnings:

Cody Sun has taken part in some of the world’s big tournaments such as the HTC Ascension, 2016 NA LCS Summer Playoffs and Splits to the most recent NA LCS Spring events in 2017.

Yu Sun’s most recent international tournament was at the IEM XI Gyeonggi, reaching the semi-finals only to lose against Kongdoo Monsters with the score 1:2, to win a prize of $10K.