Kim ‘Ssumday’ Chan-ho

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 12, 2017

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Kim ‘Ssumday’ Chan-ho

Kim ‘Ssumday’ Chan-ho is a talented LOL player from South Korea, currently forms part of Team Dignitas roster. Taking on the position of top laner for his squad, he is one of the best foreign players in North America, known for his playstyle on Renekton and Shen.

Lord of the Rings film

Kim is outgoing and kind person, who loves to joke around on his teammates. In his spare time, he loves to watch fantasy movies or narratives, in fact his favourite films are The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. To break off the gaming routine and cope with stress, Kim goes for a country walks while playing Pokemon Go.

Where it all began:

When Kim was young he would follow esports tournaments on TV, watching professional players compete against each other. He would look up to these pro gamers with the inspiration that one day he too will become a cyber-athlete. Around 8 or 9 years old, Chan-ho was so driven to practice gaming that he stole $10 from his dad’s wallet to play video games at an Internet Café and for this his parents were obviously not happy about his choices.

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Chan-ho began his gaming career in 2012 with PSW Ares competing in League of Legends and has never stopped playing games. Now that years have passed, Ssumday has become a role model for others and his parents have come to understand what esports is and are proud of what he has achieved.

The Team:

Team Dignitas is an esports association that was founded in 2003 with its headquarters in the UK. The gaming company started out with two competitve teams specialising in Battlefield 1942. As esports grew, Dignitas expanded to support teams to train and compete in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm, Smite and PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds.

Team Dignitas LOL roster 2017

Team Dignitas created their LOL roster in 2011, making a name for themselves with the former Rock Solid players. Since then the lineup changed several times to have the best players consisting of Ssumday, ShrimP, Keane, LOD, Altec, Big and Adrian that will help win esports tournaments.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

The greatest LOL win so far for Ssumday as a player was the OnGameNet Hot6ix Champions Summer 2014 back in August 2014. At the time he was playing for KT Rolster Arrows who won the league against Samsung Blue, taking home a prize of a staggering $78K.

The second highest earnings for Ssumday as a pro player was at the LOL 2015 World Championship. Competing for KT Roster in this competition, the League of Legends squad lost to KOO Tigers with the score 1-3. Due to the result, the unit finished in fifth place claiming their reward of $75K.

A personal best achievement for top LOL player, Ssumday and his team Dignitas was being awarded the All-Pro Team (Top) at the 2017 North America League of Legends Championship Summer Series. On behalf of KT Rolster, Ssumday also won the Season MVP and KDA Leader Top awards at 2015 LCK Summer.

Prestigious LOL tournaments that Dignitas Ssumday participated were the NA LCS Spring and Summer leagues of 2015 until 2017, 2016 LOL Kespa Cup and 2015 World Championship among many other competitions.