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Kang ‘Blank’ Sun-gu

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 19, 2018

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Kang ‘Blank’ Sun-gu

Kang ‘Blank’ Sun-gu is a South Korean esports player that practices and competes in League of Legends as the Jungler for SK Telecom T1. His strategical playstyle improves through his signature LOL characters, Olaf, Zac, Lee Sin as well as his favorite hero, Rek’Sai. With more LOL preparation and training, Blank has mastered his map control to help his team win esports tournaments.

Sun-gu releases his gaming stress going to karaoke with his teammate Untara and they just sing along even though he knows he does not have a good voice. He loves to go on vacation in the summer months, relaxing by the beach, away from the hustle and bustle of his daily routine.

Where it all began:

Kang started out his gaming profession in 2014 playing for the squad Energy Pacemaker Carries and then moved on to compete for Star Horn Royal Club. His gaming career took off when Blank joined the world’s renowned League of Legends esports team, SK Telecom T1 and this gave him mixed feelings of joy and intense pressure to be a top LOL player.

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SKT T1 Blank explains, “While I was playing in China, I thought to myself to make sure I make it into the Korean scene the following year. It was a very difficult time for me back then. My skills didn’t improve and my communication with my team was non-existent. I contacted the team first. I passed their tests and I applied to the team with a mindset to improve and learn.”

The Team:

SK Sports is a Telecommunications company based in South Korea that was established in 2002. The association supports teams that compete in Baseball, Basketball, Football, Handball and a League of Legends esports team.

SKTelecom dota 2

SK Sports had started out their journey into esports with a unit in Starcraft and with esports growing in popularity, the association created a League of Legends team called SK Telecom T1. The current LOL lineup consists of professional players, Bang, Blank, Blossom, Faker, Untara, and Thal who continue to strive to be a top LOL team in the world.

Competition Participation:

The LOL esports tournaments that Blank and SK Telecom T1 have recently taken part in include the 2017 LCK Summer Playoffs, LOL Kespa Cup, and Worlds Championship. As for 2016 the LOL events SKT competed in was the MSI LCK Spring and Summer Playoffs as well as the IEM Katowice.

LOL Kespa Cup

Blank has improved on his mistakes as well as implementing new League of Legends strategies, he has had the pleasure to learn from the opposing teams such as KT Rolster and Longzhu Gaming.


The highest earnings achieved by Blank and his team, SK Telecom T1 was at the League of Legends World Championship 2016. On the way to the finals, the top LOL team beat Cloud9, IMAY, Flash Wolves, Royal Never Give Up and ROX Tigers. In the Grand Finals, SKT T1 defeated Samsung Galaxy with a close score of 3-2, taking home a prize of a whopping $2 million.

The second great accomplishment for Blank and his unit SKT T1 was competing at the most recent 2017 World Championships. In the group stages, SK Telecom beat Edward Gaming and Cloud9, moving on to the quarterfinals the LOL squad defeated Misfits. After the top LOL squad won over Royal Never Give Up, SKT lost to Samsung Galaxy to finish in second place, claiming the reward of an overwhelming $667K.