Hong Kong Esports

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 21, 2017

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Hong Kong Esports

Hong Kong Esports is a gaming company that was formerly known as Hong Kong Attitude. The association is most famous for supporting their League of Legends team, becoming an undefeatable in Asian esports.

Their dedication to be better is what makes them different from other lol teams. By reviewing their own matches and pinpointing where they can improve on to become better players. Hong Kong Esports would really like to play against SK T1 one day since they are one of the best squads.

Hong Kong Esports players are very aggressive in their gameplays and take risks. They hope to give great game performances to the esports fans that follow HKES. Their goal in the coming tournaments is to take over the match to beat Flash Wolves.

Hong Kong Esports have competed at the IEM Season IX – Taipei qualifiers in 2014, finishing fifth to sixth place, defeated by Taipei Assassins. HKES have also participated in include Hong Kong Esports Tournament Season 3 in 2015 where they ranked second at the event against Flash Wolves. The last tournament the LOL squad have attended was at the 2016 LMS Regional Qualifiers where they lost against ahq e-sports Club.

The Team

Yang MapleSnow Yu Wei

Yang ‘MapleSnow’ Yu Wei

Yang ‘MapleSnow’ Yu-Wei is a Chinese top laner playing for Hong Kong Esports. As an experienced player, his team mates look up to him as the team leader and respect his knowledge of the game. MapleSnow is mostly known to play lol characters like Rumble, Trundle and Fiora for his unit in competitions.

Huang Gemini Chu Xuan

Huang ‘Gemini’ Chu Xuan

Huang ‘Gemini’ Chu Xuan is a gifted pro gamer who forms part of the Hong Kong Esports roster. Gemini started his gaming profession in June 2016 with the unit, NonHK before he joined his current team.

Lam Gear Kwok Wa

Lam ‘Gear’ Kwok Wa

Lam ‘Gear’ Kwok Wa is a talented mid Laner for the lol team, Hong Kong Esports, with whom he has played with since June 2016. His most played lol characters are Le Blanc, Malhazar and Kassadin.

Cheung GodKwai Wo Kwai

Cheung ‘GodKwai’ Wo Kwai

Cheung ‘GodKwai’ Wo Kwai is a dedicated pro gamer who takes on the position of AD Carry for his team, HKES. His esports fans gave him the alias ‘HongKong Vayne God’ for he is particularly known for playing the hero, Vayne, in fact his opposing teams would ban the champion. Godkwai’s favourite lol characters are Kalista, Corki and Lucian.

Hsu Nestea Bao Yuan

Hsu ‘Nestea’ Bao Yuan

Hsu ‘Nestea’ Bao Yuan is a professional cyber athlete playing the support position for Hong Kong Esports. Yuan started his gaming career in January 2016 with the League of Legends team, GashBears and then formed part of the squad, NonHK before joining his current unit.