Flash Wolves

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 08, 2017

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Flash Wolves

Flash Wolves or FW is an esports company that was established in Taiwan. An Association that supported several teams that played League of Legends, Starcraft 2, World of Tanks, Hearthstone Special Force and they also have a female LOL squad.

The Flash Wolves League of Legends unit was created on the 15th April 2013, becoming the most successful unit in the LoL Masters Series. FW have a few rivalry teams like NA Counter Logic Gaming, Cloud 9 and Team Solomid.

FW have participated in some prestigious tournaments like the IEM Season XI Oakland losing to Unicorns of Love, 2016 LMS Summer playoffs where they won over J Team. At the 2015 LMS Regional qualifiers and Summer Playoffs Flash Wolves battled it out against Hong Kong Esports. FW squad have learnt to adapt quickly their playstyle to that of their opponents, gearing up for the future tournaments, makes them a stronger wolf pack.

The Team

Yu MMD Li Hong

Yu ‘MMD’ Li-Hong

Yu ‘MMD” Li-Hong is a passionate gamer playing the top lane position for Flash Wolves. He can also play the support with the best heroes like Ekko, Maokai and Poppy carrying his team to win the match. MMD’s aggressive playstyle and mechanical skills play an important part in the team’s success.

Hung Karsa Hau Hsuan

Hung ‘Karsa’ Hau Hsuan

Hung ‘Karsa’ Hau-Hsuan is the impressive jungler that forms part of the Flash Wolves Lol roster. Thanks to Karsa’s heavy gank playstyle, Flash Wolves have built a reputation for beating SKT at the World Championship 2016. In 2014, He began his promising career, playing for Machi 17.

Yi Tang Maple Huang

Yi-Tang ‘Maple’ Huang

Yi-Tang ‘Maple’ Huang is a multi-talented mid laner who has proven a promising future ahead of him with Flash Wolves. His wide hero pool proved his gaming abilities and his worth to be at the 2016 World Championships. Maple’s most played lol heroes are Zed, Azir, Vladimir and LeBlanc.

Lu Betty Yuhung

Lu ‘Betty’ Yuhung

Lu ‘Betty’ Yuhung is a Chinese player who is also known as “DoubleRed’ who takes on the responsibility of an AD Carry for Flash Wolves. He started his full-time gaming career with FW Junior back in February 2016. Lu is a talented player who reached rank 6 in the Korean solo queue playing two roles jungle and AD Carry. His experience in competitions will help him learn and improve his gaming skills against renowned lol teams to become the carry that the FW need.

Hu SwordArt Shuo Jie

Hu ‘SwordArt’ Shuo Jie

Hu ‘SwordArt’ Shuo-Jie is a support player who forms part of the Flash Wolves roster. His alias is derived from the Japanese novel Sword Art Online. SwordArt is a calm person that takes over the shot calling in the tournaments, stepping up to protect and defend his team. Always improving with the aim to be one of the best support players his favourite lol characters are Cassiopeia and Kassadin.