Esports Events Weekly Update: October Week 4

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 23, 2017

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Thus, another exciting week of esports events comes to an end, whilst a new one begins, and what a week it has been. To quickly recap the latest events, we’ve had the League of Legends scene deliver in back to back clashes as SK Telecom T1 were pushed against a wall as Misfits showed up big time in their quarter-final match at worlds, and much like them Cloud 9 gave World Elite a run for their money as well, as both series went to five full games, almost evening the scores to having two western teams and two asian teams in the semi’s.

Esports Events 2017 LoL World Championship 2017 Team WE Celebrations

LoL World Championship 2017 Team WE Celebrations – Photo credits:

Meanwhile, in the OGN Overwatch APEX’s fourth season finale, RunAway had their second attempt at reaching out for the coveted cup. However, it was not meant to be as GC Busan showed up and held strong as their series went to a full seven games, making it yet another closely contested APEX finals.

As for the upcoming week, it’s sure not to disappoint, as we head especially into the final stages of the League of Legends World Championship, as well as having the hype start to build up around BlizzCon.

League of Legends

World Championship 2017

League Of Legends World Championship 2017

Next Saturday is where the action really kicks in for LoL fans around the world, as the semi-finals for the World Championship take place. Unfortunately for North American and European fans around the world, there will be none of their teams at this stage. However, both regions left with their heads held high, as they gave the semi-finalists they faced a good run for their money.

Meanwhile, the semi-finals to be played will be:

SK Telecom T1 vs Royal Never Give Up


Team World Elite vs Samsung Galaxy

The main argument around Worlds currently isn’t who will win, but much rather, can SKT1 pull it off again? Will their legacy as back to back world champions continue? Or will one of these teams stop them in their tracks?

No one really knows, the only way to find out is to tune in Saturday 28th of October, and watch the action live as SK Telecom T1 attempt to make their dream a reality once more.



OW APEX Season 4

Meanwhile on the Overwatch side of things, the APEX finally ended last week with GC Busan ending the season as champions, and RunAway unfortunately falling short once more.

APAC Premier

The APAC Premier has finally concluded its group stage, and will be heading on to the Playoffs this week. thus , teams that have made it through groups will now be joined by the APEX Season 4’s as well as Premier Series Grand Finals’ finalists, in an eight team single elimination bracket, to see who will remain in the end as the APAC Premier 2017 champion.


Whilst this is all happening, fans around the world not only for Overwatch, but for all Blizzard games, will be getting riled up for nothing other than BlizzCon! The event will commence next week on the third of November where Blizzard fans around the world will be pooled into one massive fan favourite extravaganza in two days of sheer Blizzard action, with the Overwatch World Cup seeing its end, as well as Heroes of the Storm’s HGC finals.

This brings us to the end of yet another esports events weekly updated, stay posted as we bring you more action back to back every week!