Esports Events Weekly Update: October Week 3

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 16, 2017

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Another week of great Esports Events has come to an end, and yet another week has begun. Last week, many dreams were broken, and some players and fans alike were left in tears, as some events took the meaning of “feels” to another level.

League of Legends

League of Legends World Championship 2017

League Of Legends World Championship 2017

The League of Legends World Championship 2017, closed its group stage for this year. Many predicted that almost no European team would make it to the round of eight, whilst North American teams were boasted to have no reason not to make it through, but much rather as having the ball in their court and would only lose of their own failure.

The biggest surprise however, hit in the least expected corner. As a whole round up, Misfits as well as Fnatic have made it through, putting fans in pure ecstasy. However, G2 Esports failed to make the cut, leaving not only fans disappointed, but only players in tears as rumors of their move to the North American LCS would make this their last competition as a team.

G2 Perkz tweeted:

On the North American side, the only team to make it through to the round of eight is Cloud9, with TSM and Immortals falling completely short and failing to meet expectations, in a surprise upset.

Thus, looking onto the incoming week, from Thursday 19th onto Sunday 22nd, eight teams will fight it out in back to back best of five series, to take their place in the final four. The matchups are as follows:   

  • Thursday: Longzhu Gaming vs Samsung Galaxy

  • Friday: SK Telecom T1 vs Misfits Gaming

  • Saturday: Royal Never Give Up vs Fnatic

  • Sunday: Team WE vs Cloud9

For all League of Legends fans out there, make sure you don’t miss any games, so tune in on Riot Games’ streaming channels, and watch as the final eight fight it out to cut the numbers in half.


Overwatch APEX Season 5

For Overwatch, today and on till next Wednesday will be another APEX story, as Challengers Season Five will be on to close out the second group stage.

APAC Premier

However, coming our way is another major event, as Thursday 19th marks the start of the APAC Premier 2017. This year, we have teams such as EnVision, MVP Space, Flash Wolves, Vici Gaming, AfreecaFreecs Blue, ahq e-Sports Club, Miracle Team One and Blank Esports joining us in a back to back fight for the APAC Premier title.

Another thing to point out is that many teams including ones in the APAC will be juggling around BlizzCon dates, as in two weeks the finals will be upon us and teams such as Blank Esports will have to move all the way to Los Angeles for that event itself.

Multiple Esports Events

Dreamhack Denver

Dreamhack Denver 2017

Multiple esports titles will also be featured at Dreamhack Denver, which will kick off on October 20th. The most sought for titles will be Hearthstone, CS:GO, as well as Halo and Quake Champions, as other small titles such as Smash, Street Fighter and Tekken 7 will also be available.

That brings another weekly update to an end, stay posted as we bring you more Esports updates next week in our weekly Esports update!