Esports Events Monthly Update – November 2017

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 31, 2017

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With October soon behind us, November will hit us with a series of Esports events to keep our blood pressure riled up and we won’t have to wait long.

BlizzCon 2017

eSports Events Blizzon 2017

First off just into the month on November 3rd, BlizzCon hits screens worldwide as it kicks off with multiple events and excitement.

This year there will be The HGC finals for Heroes of the Storm, the Overwatch World Cup for Overwatch, the WCS Grand Finals for Starcraft II, the Hearthstone Inn-Vitational for Hearthstone and the WoW Arena World Championship for all the World of Warcraft fans out there.

Some of these have been ongoing through qualifiers and other events leading up to this Grand Stage, set up at Anaheim, L.A.

BlizzCon Esports Events

The event as per every year also features many other treats, such as announcements heading into the new year, with new content being announced, as well as possible Esports breakthroughs, such as the 2016 Overwatch League announcement. As well as the fan favorite meets and cosplay events that fans love so deeply.

IEM Oakland 2017

Following just after will be IEM Oakland, and this year around it will feature a new game headlining alongside Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which will be of course, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

PUBG Invitational IEM Oakland

eSports Events IEM Oakland PUBG

After a series of Qualifiers, teams will finally clash in an eight-round averaged out point system, and finally a winner is crowned as the top battle royale survivor.

CS:GO IEM Oakland

eSports Events IEM Oakland CSGO

For the CS:GO side, the top four teams will clash at the main stage in two semi-final best of threes, and thus proceed to a best of five Grand Final, to decide who will be the champion this time around.

League of Legends World Championship 2017

eSports Events LoL Worlds 2017 Finals

Another esports event to look forward to is the closing of the League of Legends World Championship 2017, which will feature its final on the 4th of November between SK Telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy.

Said final will be another chance for SK Telecom T1 to put another world championship under their belt, following three previous wins. This one would also make it the third consecutive win.

However, Samsung Galaxy are not first timers to World Championship finals, and they will be fighting it out to the last second to get their hands on that coveted trophy.

After the exciting semi final matches that took place on the 28th and 29th of November, there is no clear winner going into the final as of yet. SSG came off with a strong performance versus Team World Elite whilst SK Telecom dragged the series to a hard fought 5 matches against the home crowd favorites Royal Never Give Up.

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