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Eloise Tang Haiyun

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 13, 2017

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Eloise Tang Haiyun

Tang ‘Eloise’ Haiyun is a Chinese professional gamer who plays for Tempo Storm. She has become one of the most successful top players competing in Hearthstone. She is also known for streaming her game plays on Twitch earning her a fan base of over 180K and has also showed off her smart moves on Youtube.

Where it all began:

World of Warcraft El2

Eloise started out competing in World of Warcraft while at University, rising to fame as a member of the WoW Guild ‘Stars’. At one point she got bored and needed a change so she started playing Hearthstone. Tang has been playing HS since the release of the game in 2014, as she liked the competitive player vs player (pvp) type of game.

The Team:

Tempo Storm is an American esports company that was founded by Andrey ‘Reynad’ Yanyuk in March 2014. The association support several teams that play Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, CS:GO, FIFA, Super Smash Brothers, World of Warcraft and Overwatch.

Tempo Storm HS team2

Apart from Eloise, Tempo Storm HS roster consists of eight other players Frodan, Reynad, Gaara, Ratsmah, JustSaiyan, Reckful, Vlps and Kaldi. Tang joined a North American Team for the simple reason that she will have the chance to compete in Western competitions, offering her more opportunities and challenges to improve as a player.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

Haiyun’s very first major event was attending the 2P.com NA vs CN Hearthstone Championship winning $411. One of her best successes include the Premier Gold Series 2014 – Grand Finals winning her highest prize so far of $1,630 finishing in the eighth place against lovelychook.

The most recent competitions in 2017 include the major tournament, Kinguin for Charity with paysafecard and the Titanar Hearthstone Elite Invitational 2017 scooping a prize of $1,500.