Clutch Gamers

By: EsportsOnly.Com
May 22, 2017

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Clutch Gamers

Clutch Gamers (CG) is a Malaysian esports organisation that supports a Dota 2 team. The manager Jaseem ‘Gangster’ Khan, owner of Power Gaming and former Call of Duty player and Flysolo formed a new squad in December 2016.

Everytime that CG have competed in esports tournaments, their gameplays and strategies have improved competing against top teams like Fnatic, Mineski, Team Faceless, TNC Pro Team and WarriorsGaming.Unity. The Clutch Gamers have participated in South East Asia qualifier matches such as Mars Dota 2 League 2017, ZOTAC Cup Masters, EPICENTER 2017, The Manila Masters and Pro Dota Cup among many other events.

The Team

Clutch Gamers Dota team

Khim ‘Gabbi’ Villafuerte, a talented cyber athlete takes on the carry position in Dota 2 for the unit, Clutch Gamers. His gaming career started with Acion Arena where he played for them for six months. Until 23rd March 2017 he used to play for Execration, participating in the Rog Masters Tournament against Team Secret, placing second in the competition ranks. His signature Dota 2 champions he has played successfully include Juggernaut for his blade fury ability, Sven for his Storm Hammer and Huskar’s healing power.

Armel Paul ‘Armel’ Tabios is a dedicated esports player currently playing for Clutch Gamers. He started with video games like League of Legends and Crossfire.  He realised that there may be no future in the games he was playing until he saw his cousin play Dota. Armel has made a name for himself playing the solo mid for his team CG, performing his best signature heroes such as Lina, Invoker and Outworld Devourer.

Rafael ‘Rapy’ Sicat Palo is a pro gamer forming part of the Clutch Gamers Dota 2 roster. He started his gaming career in November 2015 with the squad, Rave. The skills and abilities he acquired have given him the ability to handle the roles of offlaner and support for his team, showing his best gameplays with Legion Commander, Abbaddon and Axe.

Marvin ‘Boombacs’ Rushton is a pro player competing for Clutch Gamers. He has the gaming experience to play two roles that of support and carry for his team playing his best dota heroes Phantom Lancer, Anti Mage and Enigma. He began his career with Arcanys Gaming in October 2013 where he was captain and support for the team at the time.

Kenneth ‘Flysolo’ Coloma is a 25-year-old dota cyber athlete who currently plays for Clutch Gamers. He began his esports profession in 2015 with the unit, RagingWePay and has shown his best skills on Rubick, Crystal Maiden and Warlock.