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ahq E-sports Club

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Oct 04, 2017

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ahq E-sports Club

Ahq E-sports Club is a Taiwanese professional gaming company that established on 21 September 2013. It all started when Corsair team could not travel to the Season 2 World Championship in support of Team Ahq, so they partnered up together with SSWIE to become Ahq E-sports Club.

Over the years, Ahq has had competitive esports teams that played in Hearthstone and PUBG however, both have disbanded. The squad started out competing in League of Legends and have made a name for themselves since then. Their first lineup included UDJ, ArTie, Prydz, Mralbis and GreenTea from SSWIE.

The team had previously played at the Garena Premier League until the League of Legends Masters Series that was purposely competing from Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. Ahq Esports had won first prize at the 2015 Summer LMS and on top of that qualified for the League of Legends World Championships 2015, where they finished between 5-8th placing.

Ahq E-sports Club League of Legends Team

The current Ahq E-sports Lol roster consists of pro gamers Chen ‘Ziv’ Yi as Top laner, Lin ‘Taizan’ Ching-Chia and Liu ‘Westdoor’ as the Jungle, Tsou ‘Wako’ Wei-Yang as mid laner. Other top LOL players include Chou ‘An’ Chun-An as the Bot Laner, Kang ‘Albis’ Chia-Wei, Hsu ‘Nestea’ Bao-Yuan and Hsiao ‘Tuna’ Yu-Wei are the supportive team members of the Ahq E-sports Club.

Ahq ziv

Chen ‘Ziv’ Yi is a professional cyber athlete who plays the top laner for his present team Ahq E-sports club. His competitive career began in May 2013 competing for his very first Team Ozone Xenon. Moving on, he acquired the skills to play jungle playing for other squads like PK Master, Hong Kong Attitude, HK Attitude Mage before representing his current unit, ahq Esports Club.

Lin ‘Taizan’ Ching-Chia forms part of the Ahq e-sports LOL roster, taking on the responsibility of playing the jungle position with his favourite champions Rek’Sai and Nidalee. Before his pro career in League of Legends, Taizan was a pro player in Kart Rider, a racing game. He gained more competitive experience playing for Machi Esports and now shows his potential with ahq Esports Club.

Ahq westdoor

Liu ‘Westdoor’ Shu-Wei is another jungle who plays for Ahq E-sports Club. He has previously mastered the mid laner position to show his versatility he is now playing the Jungler role for his LoL team. He started playing DotA before he took on League of Legends for the simple reason that there were much more teamwork and action which gave him much more challenges in making the game more interesting.

Ahq Wako

Tsou ‘Wako’ Wei-Yang is a professional gamer who takes on the role of mid laner competing for ahq esports, to play his best with his favourite champions Ezreal, Corki and Zed. His esports career all started in November 2015 with YoLMS and then went on to play for Heat Wave, Extreme Gamers and Wayi Spider.

Ahq An

Chou ‘An’ Chun-An is a top laner for Ahq E-sports Club, who shows his best performances in-game with his best heroes, Jinx, Lee Sin, Sivir and Elise. He began his gaming profession with his very first team Taipei Snipers and ahq Snipers before joining his present squad.

Ahq nestea

Hsu ‘Nestea’ Bao-Yuan is a support player for ahq while also an esports lecturer for Super Esport in Taiwan. He started his gaming career in January 2016 with the GashBears, moving on to improve his skills in the mid lane and Jungler positions with Hong Kong Esports and HK Attitude Mage.

ahq albis

Kang ‘Albis’ Chia-Wei another supportive gamer, who started his gaming career in May 2012 with Corsair. Improving on his skills as the jungle, mid laner and top laner, showed in versatility in many ways. He then joined to play for Logitech G Fighter and later on to play for his present team ahq E-sports Club supporting his unit in-game with his favourite heroes Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Graves, Vayne and Twitch.