4 Tips on how not to hate Dota 2

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 28, 2017

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Over the years, Dota 2 had been thru a lot of improvements and evolution which makes it what it is now – a more balanced game with a decent playerbase that frontlines the esports scene and industry. However, since the past couple of months, Dota 2 has been facing issue regarding the decrease of number of players. It’s all over the news, it’s all over the internet, and it’s all over the community. ‘Dying game’ as what they call it. But is the community actually starting to hate Dota 2?

Surely, every Dota 2 players, at some point, thought of quitting the game. Why? Because of many different reasons. Toxicity, stress, 7.00 update, loss that leads to frustration, etc. These are also the same reasons why the game is not gaining new players. However, what most people have not realized is there are actually ways to deal with all of these.

Here’s how not to Hate Dota 2 

Tip 1: The Mute Button

How not to hate Dota 2 Make use of the mute button

Toxicity is the main problem in the game. Most of the people who play Dota 2 has hundreds to thousands of in-game hours which make them think that they know everything about the game. One wrong move, you get flamed. There is hardly a single game where there’s no flaming. The solution for this? The ‘Mute’ button. They say communication is vital to winning games but not in this case where you get constant communication abuse. Muting toxic players is the only effective way to deal with them.

Tip 2: Getting Used to 7.XX

How not to hate Dota 2 Getting used to patches

When Valve first rolled up 7.00 update, it massively received negative comments. The changes in UI, Hud, and Talent Trees, were too much to take for the players. It was the start of a noticeable decrease in Dota 2 playerbase. There were just too many reasons to hate that update. But as time went on, people learned to get used to it and realized that changes are necessary to make the game better. As of now, Dota 2 is on 7.06e and another update is expected to arrive soon dubbed ‘The Dueling Fates’.

Tip 3: When To Play and When Not To Play

How not to hate Dota 2 When not to play

As we all know, a game takes an average of 40 minutes. That needs a lot of focus and concentration which makes it not an ideal game to play when you’re having a long day. Dota 2 is not a go-to game. A player must know when to play and not to play the game to not hate it. Playing an Arcade Game instead could be a better option than playing a ranked game. There are many different Dota 2 Arcade Games in the client and in the workshop that are good alternatives. We even have our top three picks ourselves!

Tip 4: Time Management and Self-Discipline

How not to hate Dota 2 Time Management

Some people say that Dota 2 is a destruction in one’s life in terms of emotional and mental aspect. What they do not realize is that the problem is not the game, but the people themselves for letting the game affect them in such ways. Excessive playing of Dota 2 causes problems like alteration of prioritized activities such as studies or work, skipping meals, lack of sleep, and putting one’s health in jeopardy. These problems are avoidable if each player has enough self-discipline and proper time management. I’m sorry to break it to you boys: the problem is you, not Dota 2.