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Dota 2 7.00: Major Reasons Why People Hate 'The New Journey' Update Of Dota 2

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Dec 23, 2016

Before the 7.00 dubbed as “The New Journey” update rolled out few weeks ago, Dota 2 was doing incredibly fine. Dota 2 made a lot of contributions in eSport being its frontline game, and the community made a lot of involvement in balancing the game as time went by. When Valve announced the Dota 2 7.00 update, the players welcomed it with so much excitement and even crashed the website during its launch day.

However, several days after the release, the game rapidly received a lot of negative reviews. But why? Here are all the changes in The New Journey Update that ruined the Dota 2 it used to be and made people hate the game.

Dota 2 7.00 HUD Changes


Too Small. Let me start with the feature that received the biggest change – the HUD. The in-game head-up display or HUD, or whatever you call it, in Dota 2 6.8x was doing perfectly fine. It was big enough to provide all the crucial information in the game, but not enough to ruin the gameplay. This is why nobody understands the need to entirely change something that was just perfect.

Distracting. The new Dota 2 HUD became smaller, making all the in-game stats you need to know barely visible. You have to click the ‘alt’ key everytime you want to know your stats which is very crucial in the game. During the battle, different details are spread all over the screen, which is quite distracting.

Not colorblind-friendly. We are all susceptible to change, and we’ll eventually get used to it. But no, that is not applicable here. The new HUD hasn’t been friendly to the eyes of many players, including to those who are colorblind. The greyed out items and reded items effect are simply not colorblind-friendly. Unless Valve does something to fix this, the whole “you will get used to it” thing is not valid.

dota 2 new map patch 7 00

Roshan has been moved to a different spot, near the upper power rune, to balance the advantages on both teams

Dota 2 7.00 Map Changes

Jukepaths Everywhere. The Dota 2 .700 map has become entirely new and unfamiliar to all. Moving Roshan to a different spot is certainly a good idea. However, the bad decision here is the addition of lots and lots of jukepaths, making it impossible for someone to familiarize the map.

Different Stacking/Pulling Time. Valve added a numerous creep boxes in Dota 2 7.00 in all of the four jungles of the map. Every creep spawn area has a different spawn time. Someone who always plays support will definitely hate memorizing the perfect pulling or stacking time.

Other Reasons Why People Hate Dota 2 7.00

Bugs Everywhere, Patch Everyday. This is the result of releasing a broken game. Everyday, there is a patch or two to fix a bug, a bug reported by the community. Dota 2 7.00 has become a Beta game and the players are the testers. The game went through the PTR for only one day then it was released right after. The fact that there are so many changes, Valve should expect that there will be errors and only one day under PTR is obviously not enough to identify all the bugs. Even the Talent Tree system is bugged and can be injected by scripts so you can cheat in game.

Connection and Performance Issues. Do you know what’s more annoying than randomly disconnecting from the game in the middle of a fight? It’s the sudden drop of fps. The connection and performance problems are getting more often in Dota 2 7.00 compared to the 6.xx versions.

The recent negative reviews on Steam from people who played thousands of hours of Dota 2 are there for a reason. Valve killed the real identity of Dota in the blink of an eye and what’s left is a shadow of something that is entirely different. Changes are inevitable, but the process on how Valve implemented these changes is terrible. Balancing a game takes time. The Dota 2 that was already balanced after the efforts of the community is gone.