What to Look Forward to: CSGO August

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 29, 2017

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August is going to start off like a lamb and go out like a Lion, here’s what’s going on this coming month.

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Slow Start

We have to wait all the way until August 22nd until any real action starts!  The first three quarters of the month will be filled with no name minor events and mainly a lot of ESEA Premier Season 25.  But other than Gambit and maybe FlipSid3, there really isn’t a big desire to watch the ESEA.  

ESL Pro League Season 6

One of two big things happens near the end of August and the start of Season 6 of the ESL Pro League is one of those things.  It’s looking like it is going to be a great season to watch and I feel that the newbies will be some of the more interesting teams to watch.  BIG is one team that I’m expecting big things from and I also want to see if G2 crumbles under the pressure.

DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017

The month will end with the DreamHack Master Malmo 2017.  Not as big of a prize pool as Krakow but the competition will be fierce.  You have Gambit who is coming off of a big win over Astralis and Immortals (both of which who will be in attendance), you have FaZe Clan and North just to name a few of the heavy hitters.

The early weeks will be painful but it’ll all be worth it with this double trouble ending the August.