Types of Dota 2 Players You’ll Meet In Your Pub Games

By: EsportsOnly.Com
May 28, 2017

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As pub players, we encounter different kinds of people every game. Below are the most common and well-known type of players we meet in our daily pub games that needs attention and consideration.

The Flamer Blamer

The flamer blamer is a type of Dota 2 player who believes that nothing is his fault and blames all his mistakes to the team mates. The blame comes in with a bonus flaming by cursing his team mates and claiming that he “f*cked your mother” last night. He dies in the jungle while farming, blames support for not planting wards; die in team fights, blames support for not healing; die in clash, blame DPS for not hitting the enemies. Every mistake he does, he always blames it to someone else because he has a delusion that he is perfect and better than anyone else.

The Griefer or Ragequitter

This type of player is probably the one who needs immediate mental assistance. The griefer mourn over losing a first blood and instantly walks on enemy mid lane to feed while saying “end fast I feed” in all chat. Not only that, a griefer can also send your courier to the enemies with your items in it. Better scenario is they rage quit from the game and leave the team alone instead of feeding the enemies – in that case that player evolves from griefer to ragequitter. “Player X has abandoned the game.” But on a serious note, a griefer sometimes is only triggered when he’s having a good gameplay but his team mates keep screwing the game up.

The Bad Splitpusher

The splitpusher is someone who doesn’t participate in team fights, instead, he just pushes the lanes as far as he can go. In cases where your team is stronger than the opponents, this is a good thing. What’s bad is when your team just recovered a networth after winning an impossible teamfight and you need an immediate push to secure a mega creep or ancient if possible, but the bad splitpusher instead, well, he’s trying to solo push a single lane at 60-minute mark. He is so obsessed at pushing; he just wants to push different lanes instead of winning by straight pushing a single lane.

The AFK Jungler

We all know this type of player – the one who farms in the jungle until the game is over – no need to explain further. Just kidding. The AFK jungler is the player who mostly pick Legion Commander or Nature’s Prophet, or Doom Bringer and farm until 20-minute mark of the game, visits the lane once in a while but goes back to jungle for another 20 minute or so. Sometimes he is regarded as pain in the ass by his team mates because he doesn’t care about his team mates dying while begging for his help. The good thing is, when he “finish” farming and got all the items he need, he will effortlessly crush your enemies and carry you to victory. That’s the best case scenario. The worst case is by 40-minute mark he still doesn’t stop farming, then you can imagine the rest.

The Wannabe

We all have encountered players who name their accounts “Dendi,” “Miracle,” or whoever is popular at that time. But don’t be afraid, you’re not playing against the best players in the world. They are just a bunch of wannabes who try to imitate professional gameplays but failed miserably.

The Ping Spammer

This type of player is someone who commands the entire team on what to do and make warnings by doing unstoppable pings. He also sometimes obscure team vision by making doodles all over the mini map. The ping spammer is a frustrated captain who give signs to his team mates when he ganks their lane, or when he sees an enemy coming towards ally hero. Someone who picks Spirit Breaker is more likely to become a ping spammer.

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The Confused Support

There’s always that player who picks support hero but in the laning phase, he steals last hit to his carry. During team fights, confused support won’t bother to teleport to help his team because he doesn’t have it in his inventory. He also doesn’t buy ward and doesn’t make rotations. Having this type of player will lead you to a loss. At some point, you will assume he is playing a carry despite having a support hero but don’t fall into it. He will claim back that he is a support at the end of the game and say “noob carries” in all chat.

The Guy Who Doesn’t Speak English

The guy who doesn’t speak English is someone who talks gibberish because you don’t understand a single thing. All you say to him is “english pls” but he just responds with more gibberish. Good luck dealing with that.

The “xK” Smurfers

Now there are two types of smurfers here. The one who publicly claims he’s smurfing by saying “Hi my main is 4k this is smurf acc,” but end up feeding enemy mid lane; and the one who doesn’t let others know he is smurfing. In the case of the latter, you only recognize that it’s a smurf thru his gameplay. If you happen to have an enemy smurfer, all you can do is whine on Reddit and complain to Valve about how smurfers ruin your games.

The Awesome Player

The awesome players are very rare – like an arcana in Dota 2. You only encounter this type of player once in every 20 games. You can recognize him easily since he doesn’t complain, he doesn’t get mad, and doesn’t flame – in fact, he doesn’t say anything at all. He does the things he’s supposed to do and if you’re doing bad, the awesome player will make you feel guilty thru his silence despite your terrible gameplay.