Top 10 Underwhelming Ults in League

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jan 17, 2017

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There are some really powerful ultimates in League that can completely swing a game based purely off of landing that one ability in a team fight. Landing those abilities feel amazing and like you are the reason your team won that match (and sometimes are the reason).

However, there are also some champions that have ults that just fail to deliver that same impact. It could be due to the fact that that one champion has such an overloaded kit that the ultimate needs to fall short to balance the champion. Others are just passives that you don’t actually feel in a fight and forget that it was there for the fight.

For this list, I am going to look at ults that don’t really deliver in that WOW factor and feels like it is just blah. I will be excluding all ultimates that are learned at level 1 because they do have a massive impact, just in a very different way (being that a champion gets 6 abilities before level 6). Please note that I am not saying that all these ultimates are weak either, just that they are lackluster, not that interesting, or hard to feel the effects in a team fight. Anyways, let’s get started:

10. Blitzcrank’s Static Field

I think it is only proper that I start with a shocking entry into the list (I promise, I won’t make another pun). This ultimate is extremely fun when you build Blitz completely AP-focused. Sadly, that isn’t the normal build for him as when you play him in the meta fashion, you will be going for a more tanky route. The one nice thing about the ultimate is that it gives a silence, but it is only 0.5 seconds long. Most Blitz players will actually just not use the ult in order to abuse the RNG damage of the passive side of the ability. All-in-all, that’s the reason it is on the list, people use (or should if they are going for tanky Blitz) his passive rather than the burst of the active. Just makes the ult feel not there at all.


9. Dr. Mundo’s Sadism

This ultimate is definitely something that people hate to have to face against and is the main reason why Mundo can go where he pleases. That being said, it is so easy to counter. Just have ignite on your team or get yourself one of the many items that applies grievous wounds. It turns a fearsome bodybuilder into a purple version of Sonic. This ultimate can be really good (if your opponent opts not to get the require tools to shut it down), but it is still kind of just meh. I don’t think this needs to be buffed, by all means, it just is lackluster compared to all the champions out there.


8. Kha’Zik’s Void Assault (Active)

Honestly, whenever I think of Kha’Zik, I think of a flying bug that is the reason Bug Splats happen. Also of the champion that gets to evolve his abilities whenever he hits level 6. I mostly forget that he even has his active ult except for those few times I find someone in a jungle or if I choose to evolve it with the passive side of Void Assault for that longer stealth. While it has a good idea behind it, in that you give Kha’Zik stealth that is weak unless evolved, it is still not that great. It is nothing compared to the stealth that Rengar has or even Twitch. It is necessary that it is so weak early on in order to balance Kha’s kit, but makes it so I forget about it a lot until that level 16 mark.


7. Rek’Sai’s Void Rush

Ever want to feel like a racecar and zip across Summoner’s Rift? Well, you better hope your team isn’t behind because if they are you will never know that feeling. Rek’Sai’s ult isn’t horrible and can be great when you are ahead or even in a close game so that you can have that impactful map pressure, but if your team is behind at all then you will never get the chance to even use it. Since it is dependent on you having tunnels out, if the enemy is able to control your jungle then you will never get to use your ultimate as those tunnels will most likely be destroyed. This ultimate can be great though, but rarely is it the reason you would win, even if ahead. Just would help for map control.


6. Rammus’ Tremors

Ever see an ability that is really cool and is so unique that you want to use that champion just for that ability? That’s what Tremors is. This really cool ability that so this AoE damage to champions, minions, towers, anything, that is near you and it scales amazingly off of AP. Too bad it is on a champion that wants to build lots of tank items and armor, thus never really using that ability and when he does it feels like someone is trying to beat you up with a single feather. When Rammus goes in as a tank, this ultimate is almost better to just skip over as to complete leveling up your W or E first. Might as well taunt them for longer or do more Thornmail-esque damage sooner than get the ultimate.


5. Volibear’s Thundering Claws

Remember what I just said about Rammus? Replace AoE damage with Stattik Shiv every hit for 12 seconds and you got the ult. Honestly, there is so much that could even be done with this ultimate with just a minor rework to make it not feel like you just bought a stattik shiv, but that might be a while off. At least it is good for clearing minion waves, so that’s something.


4. Yorick’s Eulogy of the Isles 

I know Riot’s thinking when they made this ultimate. They came up with a really cool idea for a champion, but couldn’t think of any interesting abilities for her. They realized they could use it for the Yorick rework, but that would mean tuning the numbers down…a lot. The Maiden is a really cool idea honestly, but I have never seen a Yorick player go, “Man, if it weren’t for that Ult, I would have lost that fight.” You can’t really buff it either because it would be WAY too much in just one ability (something that gives a 6th player even if brain-dead and a free split-pusher), but with having no control over her, you are putting your hands in the RNG gods. Never a fun thing and feels a lot less impactful than his old ultimate. Let that sink in.


3. Kalista’s Fate’s Call 

Time for another weird choice, but hear me out on this. It is underwhelming because the engage part of it is completely out of your hands and gives another member of your team the control. You have to really trust that person because you might need someone to help save you, but then they just go and save themselves. It can bring so much to the table, but none that is in your hands outside of a clutch save of that one player.


2. Singed’s Insanity Potion 

You know how I mention Mundo’s ult can be easily countered, well imagine if Mundo wasn’t sure where he wanted to go so he just went everywhere all at once and didn’t actually move because of it. That’s Insanity Potion. It gives SO many stats. Mana regen, increased AP, movement speed, Armor and Magic Resist. Well, the problem is it gives just a little bit to all of them. Granted it lasts a long time, but still. There is not once where you will ever think that your team won due to your great use of this ult. Maybe great use of being annoying in their base with Poison Trail, but not Insanity Potion.


1. Jax’s Grandmaster’s Might (Active)

Personally, I love Jax’s ultimate. The raw power you get when you have those late game items and that amazing scaling. You just beat your opponents down over and over again, once you hit that third strike….wait…you are telling me there is more to Jax’s ult than the passive? Oh yeah, I guess there is. Talk about ultimates that have no feel to them and you can barely tell are there. The active to Grandmaster’s Might is the KING of underwhelming. Sure, if is some good resistances, but it’s sort of just there. Use it or not, you will still get blown up or get that pentakill. It doesn’t really need to be there. Hell, Jax’s would do better with Insanity Potion as the active because at least then it gives some extra movement speed. It feels like it is just there so Jax can have an active for the ult, but to be honest, if Jax did have a better ultimate active he would be way too broken of a champion.