The Top 10 Most Versatile Overwatch Heroes

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 16, 2017

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One thing Overwatch has made prominent since its start is how wildly different and unique each hero is from the other, and each one’s versatility is a major aspect of that. With such widely varying toolsets at each hero’s disposal, all of them are well equipped to handle many different situations they might find themselves in, especially with how each map in the game is built, as we covered in our previous article of our Top 10 Best Overwatch Maps. But, of course, knowing when to switch heroes is a major part of playing the game well, as does knowing which hero best fits which situation. But that also begs the question: which heroes best fit the most situations? Here’s our list of the top 10 most versatile Overwatch heroes.

10. Tracer

While she may be the main mascot for Overwatch, Tracer doesn’t particularly excel in any field that another character can’t do better than her. While she can deal lots of short bursts of big damage, her frailty keeps her from staying in the midst of a big fight and forces her to play discreetly. However, this is also what gives her lots of use. With how she can retreat from any situation using her Recall ability, Tracer can pop in and out of pretty much anywhere and find a role in any skirmish. Her low health does hinder her from doing her job as well as she could, though, as if she makes even a small mistake she’ll be sent straight back to the respawn chamber.

9. D.Va

Somewhat the opposite of Tracer, D.Va boasts a very large health bar along with a good amount of armor, and along with her ability to eject from her mech upon its death and summon it back later, she has arguably the most survivability in the game. While she’s seen better days than her current situation after a big blow to her viability a short while ago, she still has plenty of usage given how much of a hit she can take. Her Defense Matrix can also be used as a shield for her teammates, capable of eating up any projectile, including some enemy ultimates. And you can never go wrong with flying directly into an enemy’s face and unleashing endless rounds of shotgun fire straight into them.

8. Roadhog

Though perhaps not as meaty as D.Va in terms of how big his health bar is, Roadhog’s ability to heal himself, the utterly crushing amount of damage even a single blast from him does, and his unique ability to hook and pull in enemies from afar let him last and find a use almost anywhere. Though not the fastest or most discreet of characters, if he gets behind enemy lines, Roadhog is absolutely devastating towards anyone who isn’t a tank, especially the supports that can’t hold their own as well. In fact, with how much damage output he has, anyone who isn’t a tank or isn’t able to quickly convert themselves into some invulnerable state after they’ve been hooked is guaranteed to be sent to the grave.


Image Source: Blizzard

7. Bastion

The living turret saw a big increase in  defense last patch, taking less damage in his turret and tank modes and gaining the ability to heal himself while on the move, Bastion is now practically a tank with higher damage output. As stated with Roadhog and D.Va, having lots of health and a way to restore that health adds a lot to what a character can do, and whether it’s standing still and mowing down any enemy unfortunate enough to walk around the corner into his line of sight, or waltzing right into the enemy’s point in tank mode and one-shotting anyone that dares approach him, all while healing himself back up whenever he takes a hit, Bastion has more than just a few uses.

6. Ana 

Ana is the only support character that made our list, and not without reason. While the others do their jobs well and all are perfectly suited for what they’re meant to be, Ana simply fills multiple roles that the others don’t. For one thing, the amount and speed at which she’s able to heal is completely dependent on the player, unlike all the other healers that have specific healing rates. She’s also able to render enemies completely useless thanks to her tranquilizer dart, halting anyone trying to use an ultimate, and with her own ultimate and surprisingly decent damage output, Ana can help greatly increase both the defense and offense of her team.

5. Soldier: 76

He might just practically be an import of the typical first-person shooter character, but there’s a reason that the simple soldier with a machine-gun finds use even among Overwatch’s pseudo-humans. For one, his damage output is very high. Like, very high. Add to that the fact that his gun is a hitscan weapon, meaning his bullets hit their target literally the moment they’re fired, so he doesn’t have to account for the travel time of his shots, which makes him apt to deal with high-maneuverability heroes like Pharah. His ability to create a healing field around him even gives him support capabilities for teams lacking a healer, and his unique ability to sprint for as long as he wants allows him to get back onto the battlefield after a respawn much more quickly than any other hero.

4. Junkrat

The insane, Australian, grenade-lobbing criminal might not come with any healing powers, or even a huge chunk of health, but he does come with a massive DPS primary fire, and an entire kit built around messing with the enemy. His bear trap can catch anyone, leaving them without any mobility options and prohibiting them from using most of their abilities for a few seconds, which is more than enough time for the rest of the team or even just Junkrat himself to deal with them. His landmine deals major damage that leaves just about any non-tank one hit away from death, and it also gives him huge mobility options given how far it can fling him into the air if it detonates below his feet.


Image Source: Blizzard

3. Genji

Overwatch’s signature ninja has a lot under his belt at his disposal, including some of the best mobility in the game, a solid amount of damage output, and a nearly impenetrable defensive skill. Given how much he can jump in and out of anywhere, as long as he’s able to properly time his shurikens and reflective skills, there’s not much most heroes can do about a pro Genji. For one thing, his reflect has a much bigger hitbox than it looks like it does, and can even reflect back certain enemy ultimates. His dash attack is almost impossibly fast to follow, deals a solid amount of damage, and resets its cooldown if Genji gets a kill, so if a pro Genji players has you in his sights, you better pray you’re playing Winston.

2. Reinhardt

Reinhardt may be the most iconic tank in the game, with his gigantic hammer and massive energy shield, both of which are put to good use by him in combat. Even if he lacks range, it hardly matters, as the teammates he’s protecting with his humongous shield can take care of far-off targets for him. If he needs to do some damage himself, it’s no big deal, as his hammer packs a huge punch whenever it comes into contact with a foe, easily sending anything that isn’t a fellow tank to the grave in just a few short hits. Whether you need an impenetrable shield to help you last through the fight, or someone to come in and take care of the pesky offense heroes, Reinhardt’s got your back.

1. Mei

The environmentalist from China takes the cake as the most versatile hero of Overwatch, and for good reason. Mei can survive just about any situation thanks to how her kit is built. If she’s up against a very high DPS character, all she needs to do is freeze them and pop them off with an icicle. Incoming ultimate? Put a wall up. Surrounded by the enemy? Freeze yourself into a popsicle until reinforcements arrive. Surrounded with no way out? Drop down your ultimate and single-handedly wipe out the entire enemy team. She’s the jack-of-all-trades that can live through just about any scenario she’ll find herself in, as long as her abilities aren’t on cooldown and she isn’t just being negligent.