Overwatch top 10 heroes

The Top 10 Most Fun Heroes to Play as in Overwatch

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jan 04, 2017

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Overwatch was designed with fun in the minds of the developers, and that idea is brought to fruition by some of the most unique and ridiculous playable characters in any FPS game. With so many different characters, and each one more fun to play as than the last, it’s hard not to pick and choose favorites out of the 22 heroes. A little too hard, in fact, so there of course it has to be done. Here’s our top 10 most fun heroes to play as in Overwatch.

10. Reinhardt

Arguably the most iconic tank character in the game, Reinhardt’s gigantic shield and massive hammer can be a joy to use, and charging straight into an enemy and pinning them against a wall just feels incredible. His lack of ranged options and inability to properly deal with other high mobility characters to put a bit of a damper on the fun, though.

9. Pharah

What can be more fun than flying skillfully over your opponents with a jetpack and firing rocket missiles at them as they desperately try to hit you from below? Other than playing the following heroes on this list, not much. Her limited flight can sometimes be less than super fun, but when everything clicks and you nail an entire team with her rockets, there’s no way you won’t be smiling with glee.

8. Lucio

Rolling around at the speed of sound is a pleasure with Lucio, and his wall-ride only increases his potentially clever mobility options. Coupled with his speed boost and healing boost passives, you don’t have to lift a finger to heal your teammates, and bopping enemies off cliffs is perhaps the most satisfying way to get a kill in the game.


Source: PCGamesN

7. Bastion

A living turret, Bastion has the highest DPS in the game at the cost of some of the worst mobility. In competitive, you’d be hard pressed to find him useful in most situations. But going on quick play or just playing with friends, Bastion is any player’s guilty pleasure, utterly mowing down anyone in his path and standing seemingly unbeatable when backed with the full support of his team.

6. Tracer

Zipping around boundlessly and poking anyone on the other team you want to is the life of a Tracer player, and it’s not an unhappy life. There’s nothing quite like leaping in all directions and confusing the heck out of whoever you’re fighting as you repeatedly spray them down with gunfire until they kick the bucket. Using Rewind to undo all the hard-earned chip damage they’ve inflicted on you is just the icing on the cake.

5. Sombra

There’s always something to like about stealth characters in video games, and Sombra is no exception. Swiftly maneuvering and disrupting the enemy team while invisible and then teleporting straight back into safety is just one possibility her kit offers, and the multitude of other options you have with it is just what makes Sombra so exciting to play, even if her competitive viability may not be the highest.

4. Genji

He’s a double jumping, wall-climbing cyborg ninja with glowing shurikens and a sword possessed by a mythical dragon. Is there really much more to say about that?


Source: Playstation.blog

3. Mei

Nobody likes being frozen, but just about everybody likes doing the freezing. Spraying foes down as they desperately try to escape to no avail and then finishing them off by popping them in the head with an icicle is a sadistic pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless. Walling off an ultimate or freezing yourself to undo a foe’s hard work just makes Mei even more enjoyable to play.

2. D.Va

There’s something uniquely lovable about being able to fly straight into a foe’s face and blast them to pieces with rapid-fire shotgun blasts while piloting a mech, and only by playing D.Va can you accomplish such a feat. Not only that, but when you get “killed” you automatically get a second chance and instead run around with a small blaster that does a surprising amount of damage until you can earn your mech back.

1. Junkrat

Lobbing endless explosives, launching yourself into the air, trapping opponents into helpless situations, there’s little you can not love about playing Junkrat. Aiming is for suckers when it comes to him, and having your explosives bounce off walls into opponents leads to many “that shouldn’t have killed but it did” moments, each one more enjoyable than the last.