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The Overwatch League Pre-season Day 3 Recap

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Dec 14, 2017

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The Overwatch League Pre-season Day 3 Recap

Day two delivered a somewhat lesser feel compared to day one which showcased four matches. Thus, day three of the Overwatch League Pre-Season is here with six back to back matches to test peoples blood pressure levels, and make sure to give just about the right dose of excitement.

With six back to back matches to be played, day three saw all teams participate, except Philadelphia Fusion whom are not taking part in the preseason.

Overwatch League Pre-Season Featured Match: San Francisco Shock vs London Spitfires

Overwatch League Pre Season Day 3 San Francisco Shock vs London Spitfire

Before going into the match specifics, it should be mentioned that on paper SF Shock have been called the League’s super team. Having names such as iddqd, sinatraa and BABYBAY, as well as the rest of the squad being all top-notch players each known for being a top player on specific heroes. Now without taking anything away from the other teams and players within them, SF Shock has been as such regarded as the team people expect the most from.

On to the match

The first game just as the previous one’s we’ve discussed took us to Dorado, with SF Shock attacking first. Here, the Shock squad found little difficulty pushing the first point and a half, only to be slowed down just before the second point, until being brought to a full stop just prior to the final corner just under the bridge, thus having ended their attack with two captured points plus distance. The Londoners then proceeded to take to the offense as they were swapped to the attacking side. Just like Shock, the first point and a half weren’t too hard, but the second point proved a challenge. That is, until Birdring’s switch went on and he singlehandedly put his whole team on his Tracer’s back and carried his team to a convincing win with over two minutes left on their time bank.

The second map took us back to the Temple of Anubis. Unlike the previous matches we’ve featured, where most teams capped both points without much difficulty on their first try, SF Shock found a lot of difficulty to capture the second point on the map. However, a clean team kill on the last second on their time bank got them the capture, with no time left. The Spitfires’ attack then seriously shocked all viewers, as they captured the second point with almost too much ease, having four minutes left on their time bank. With such an amount of time to finish just a partial cap on the first point, London Spitfires made it look almost too easy to get the win on this map, taking the series to a 2:0 score.

Oasis being the first control point on the series was where fans hoped to see San Francisco Shock seriously take a shot at a comeback. However, this only served as even more of a platform for the London Spitfires to assert even more domination. Starting with the first round at city center, the Spitfires showed utter domination, getting the first-round win with a 100% to zero score. The second-round saw SF Shock close the gap a little as they brought the capture percentages much closer, bringing their metre to the 99% mark, bringing it to a last man standing on the point scenario, but it wasn’t meant to be as London secured this win as well, taking the series to a 3:0.

The final map similarly to how Eichenwalde went in previously featured matches, saw the first attacking team SF Shock find themselves in a difficult spot securing all three points, and thus ending their attack with two points captured plus distance just past the final corner. The London Spitfires ended up making this even more of a statement as they made it look super easy to get to that distance, and secured a win here as well with around three minutes left in their time bank.

Overwatch League Pre Season Day 3 London Spitfire Victory

Conclusive comments

Whilst many consider this an incredible upset, having seen the so called super team get dismantled by the Spitfires, it should be pointed out that San Francisco Shock is still not a whole squad without having sinatraa join the squad as well as the possibility that teams could be holding back to some regard in the preseason not to give anything away prior to the start of the Inaugural Overwatch League Season.

For the rest of the matches you can find the final scores here, and the VoDs here!

For more back to back Overwatch League coverage, stay posted at esportsonly.com!

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