The Overwatch League is Here!

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Nov 09, 2017

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After an extremely long and excruciating wait both for fans and hopeful players alike, Blizzard representatives have finally announced the official starting date of the Overwatch League.

Overwatch Scene Decline

In recent times, Blizzard has been getting bashed quite a lot by the community, claiming that this delay in launch may be the downfall of the league, as streams constantly kept seeing less and less viewership, with events such as the OGN APEX, being in the 30k constant viewer range.

Blizzard’s Answer

Overwatch Stream Views

Overwatch Stream Views

However, last week’s Overwatch World Cup Finals proved to be the exact response Blizzard needed to hit back at these comments. With an overall peak of 840,182 viewers around 318k of which were non-Chinese ones. Some matches even reaching the 300k viewer mark, with the USA vs South Korea match exceeding it with 318k Viewers.

Overwatch World Cup 2017 Stream Views

Overwatch World Cup 2017 Stream Views

Overwatch Worlds Viewers Results

Following this surprising number of tune-ins from places all around the world, fans have returned to see what the actual hype revolving the League was about, and boy were there big surprises.

The first surprise coming straight out of BlizzCon, was the in-game customizations. Teams in this year’s World Cup Finals got a chance to test out the newly launched team uniforms, as they headed into their favorite maps wearing their Country’s Colors.

Overwatch Team Uniforms Sweden

Overwatch Team Uniforms – Sweden

Closely following this development was also the introduction of a spectator client with unlimited possibilities, making the seemingly complex game of Overwatch become as easy to watch as any other classic FPS game out there.

Back to the Overwatch League

Thus, further announcements hit the BlizzCon stage following the success of the World Cup Finals but first, let’s have a look at the teams that made it in.

As previously announced, the inaugural season would see twelve teams competing. As such, here they are in all their might.

 Overwatch League Boston Uprising

Overwatch League Florida Mayhem

Overwatch League Houston Outlaws










The twelve teams displayed above will thus be the inaugural twelve to kick off the first season, with possibly more coming in later for the second season and as many of you may have guessed, they will be wearing their signature uniforms, both out and in game.

Although the world cup ones were not available for players worldwide to buy, there is speculation that it will be different for the Overwatch League ones, and players will be able to wear their favorite team’s colors in their journey up the ranking ladders.


Following all this banter, another clip was launched promoting this video, and well we got to admit, it’s damn epic. It has everything you’d want to see in a hype up video, with the deep voice narration, to the tunnel slow-mo walks, big stage previews as well as flipping of tables and breaking of PC’s. Watch it here:

Thus, this brings us to the latest and most important announcement. People worldwide have been for almost a year, annoyed by the lack of an actual date of all this hype. The only question that mattered up to this day was: When does it all start?

Well, we now have a date. The official preseason of the Overwatch League kicks off December 6th. Not only that, tickets are also out and up for grabs, so if you want to have a front row viewing, get yours before they get snagged up.