The OGN Overwatch APEX Season 3 – End

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 30, 2017

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Throughout the third season of the OGN Overwatch APEX, fans had the pleasure to indulge into weekly clashes between some of the best Overwatch teams out there.

This provided not only followed expectations throughout the event but also some of the biggest upsets throughout. The biggest to date being top team Rogue not even making it through groups.

This led westerners to put their hopes on the only remaining team from the West, Team EnVyUs. Unfortunately, the West’s hope would be extinguished as Team EnVyUs fell in the semifinals and placed fourth overall after losing again to Afreeca Freecs Blue.

Image result for overwatch apex lunatic hai vs kongdoo panthera

The final left us with last year’s champions, Lunatic Hai, followed by the powerhouse in the running of KongDoo Panthera.

The matchup was the most promising one to have been expected, with these teams having a 1-1 score in the season, with KongDoo Panthera leading in map score.

The final was undoubtedly breathtaking, going on for a full seven map series, with back to back scores. Alas, KD Panthera’s hopes would here come to an end, as Lunatic Hai reasserted themselves as the top team in the APEX, taking the title for now two seasons running.

Season four is set to start in a short period of time in mid-August, and will no longer feature western invitees as five teams will now be promoted from the Challengers cup.

Stay tuned for more updates and should you wish to go over the final you can do so here!