The OGN APEX Season 4 Finale, GC Busan vs Runaway! Post-Match Discussion.

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 22, 2017

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Yesterday (October 21st 2017) marked the end of yet another season of the OGN APEX Series. The OGN APEX Season 4 Finale concluded with season two finalists RunAway facing off against this season possibly strongest upcoming team, GC Busan.

OW apex season 4 finale

Both teams gave an extremely strong showing, in a Grand Finale that couldn’t have gotten any better. The series in fact, went on to the maximum as it took seven maps for a winner to be decided.

The OGN APEX Season 4 Finale – Map Breakdown

Map 1 – Nepal

OW OGN Apex Season 4 Final Map 1 Nepal

The first map took us to Nepal, with GC Busan cheekily pulling out their indoor Pharah-Mercy composition, severely punishing RunAway’s lack of long range hit-scan. RunAway unfortunately stuck to their composition, ignoring the need of a hit-scan to deal with this combo, or seemingly not respecting it, leading to a 2-1 loss and a map lead to GC Busan on Nepal.

Map 2 – Hollywood

OW OGN Apex Season 4 Final Map 2 Hollywood

Hollywood was up second, and in classic Hybrid fashion, it went down to the wire. RunAway, in fact managed to pull the score back to 1-1 following an intense rerun, after both teams captured all three points. As such finally GC Busan had found a team to match them.

Map 3 – Hanamura


In classic Hanamura fashion, the third map came up with surprises, as for the first time ever, GC Busan were thrown into the back seat, with RunAway taking it 2-1. Just like the previous map it went down to the last seconds, as RunAway only closed a two-point capture with just over a minute left. However, that little time didn’t even matter as they then held GC Busan on a second point hold, keeping them from fully capturing it at just about 70%.

Map 4 – Gibraltar

OW OGN Apex Season 4 Final Map 4 Gibraltar

Watchpoint Gibraltar didn’t stray away in the least from the previous encounters, as both teams took it to the extreme maximum that they could push themselves. RunAway had the first attack, and looked extremely confident, going through the second checkpoint with almost five minutes left. However, the third point proved to be their Achille’s heel as they failed to complete it, as they were stopped at 85.44m down the road. GC Busan then saw their opportunity, putting in the extra effort needed to push the payload that extra bit, and tying the score up to 2-2.

Map 5 – Temple of Anubis

OW OGN Apex Season 4 Final Map 5 Temple of Anubis

On a 2-2 score, both teams were now heading to a second Assault map, with Temple of Anubis being picked. GC Busan immediately attacked with winning intent, closing out the map with both points captured with just over half a minute on their time bank. RunAway followed suit capping the first point with extreme swiftness. However, an extended hold by GC Busan, followed by a well thought Bastion switch by Profit, kept RunAway from completely capturing the second point, giving GC Busan the 3-2 map lead, and putting them at match-point.

Map 6 – Dorado

OW OGN Apex Season 4 Final Map 6 Dorado

Dorado shifted a bit in RunAway’s favor, as GC Busan’s failure to complete the map gave RunAway that extra bit of confidence to push themselves further. Topping GC Busan’s distance with ease as they had over two minutes left on their time-bank.

Map 7 – Eichenwalde

OW OGN Apex Season 4 Final Map 7 Eichenwalde

This took the series to a final map seven, and the map choice was finally Eichenwalde. GC Busan were for the first time, with their backs against a wall, as they were the first team on attack. It was do or die, and do or die is how it ended for their attack, as they completed a three-point push just barely in overtime. However, a last-ditch effort overtime completion was just what they needed, as RunAway failed to get into that last part of the map, being held off just at the entrance, as TiZi failed to stick to the payload and would only land after a Primal Rage leap just milliseconds after that last overtime tick.

Thus, the series came to a close on a score of 4-3 with GC Busan raising the trophy in the end, and RunAway falling just short of the coveted APEX cup for a second time.

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