The Continuous Growth of Esports Betting

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 27, 2018

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Esports continues to grow and there are great opportunities to win some serious cash with betting!

The growth of esports

As technology has enhanced and grown in recent years, competitive gaming has taken on a new level. Now players don’t just have to settle for beating their friends over and over again, because some games now having money-spinning competitions and even professional players, with the esports industry. Perhaps the biggest example of this, and the game that has brought the whole notion of esports, is EA’s FIFA football game series. The FIFA Interactive World Cup has been going for years and was open to anybody who was willing to go through the rigorous qualification process, but now there are numerous national, regional and worldwide competitions for players to partake in. Huge amounts of money can be won, enough to support the best through their careers, while there are even professional esports teams. Websites such as Unilad and Faze have partaken in this, as has YouTuber Spencer Owen, who started his own esports Team, Hashtag United, back in 2016. Professional football teams, one example being German giants Wolfsburg, also have esports teams, too, so it is clear to see how much this is growing, and that is just centring on the FIFA series.

Esports betting

In terms of betting in esports, most bookmakers carry odds on different competitions just as they do for football, Rugby and Cricket. For example, Betway are offering odds on the ESL Pro League fixtures over the coming days; Invictus Gaming is 3/25 to beat JD Gaming in a League Of Legends clash, while EDS is 1/10 to beat Vid Gaming, who is 24/5. The prize money for these competitions are around $800,000, and now you can win big by betting on them.

What games are linked to esports?

Other games that are linked to esports include League of Legends and Dota 2, among a plethora of others. The next generation games consoles, namely Playstation 4 and Xbox One, have been the catalyst for the start of this phenomenon, with other services like YouTube and Twitch playing a huge role in this growth, too, allowing players an extra source of income. Madden. NBA 2K and Rocket League are other examples of games involved that relate to real sports. As it looks right now, esports will only grow as the technology grows. Social Media, and the different avenues already mentioned, ensure the audience is not going anywhere. With that being the case, more games can get involved, and the competitions that exist will become more and more lucrative.