Teams Losing Ground while VainGlory8 Worlds is Looming

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Nov 05, 2017

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As some of the teams are already getting ready for a trip to Singapore to face off on the Fold against the greatest teams from around the world, others are still battling for even the hope of being able to attend. For both NA and EU the race is incredibly close with the second to last week of the Autumn Season almost over. However, even just after a single day has ended, some of the teams have lost their chance to be able to fly out for potential glory, Vainglory8 Worlds.

SK Gaming and G2 Esports Separate from the Pack

When the week started, all of the top 6 teams in EU had a shot at making it to VainGlory8 Worlds through tiebreakers or other various miracles. Sadly, it would have required miracles that proved insurmountable. For Fnatic, they needed to be able to 2-0 SK Gaming and many thought it possible after a week of poor performances from SK. But FNC couldn’t keep up with the momentum of SK especially in the mid game with no leads picked up from FNC in the early game. This loss was a death sentence to FNC’s chances for Worlds.

Next was mousEsports. They had the misfortune of playing against G2, the team that is aiming to usurp SK from their current position of first place in Europe. For a bit, it did seem like MOUS was going to be able to beat G2 in the first game. L3on was looking like he could carry for some time, but G2 were able to come back with a vengeance to close out the first game. The second was only a little bit of life from MOUS before G2 had enough with playing with their food.

Now there are only three teams that remain in contention for Worlds. SK and G2, of course, are butting heads even though SK has a sizeable lead from their early split domination. But a surprise participate is SpaceStation, formerly Salty Potatoes. Even if they are put into a position where they have to win every game from here to the end of the season, it is more than the rest of EU. Who wouldn’t want to see this level of upset?

Nova is Out, But The Top 5 Still Duke It Out

Unlike in EU, the gap between the top 6 teams going into this week was a lot closer. C9, TSM, and Rogue were all within a single point, vying for first place. If that doesn’t set up the stage for how close this still remains, I don’t know what else will. Having won last week, Hollywood Hammers soared to just shy of 4 points to overtake Rogue while Tribe and Nova were just a few points below that.

Sadly for Nova, they didn’t have the best week and couldn’t have chosen a worse week for it. Not to mention it was against another team that was sitting at the bottom of the contenders for the Vainglory8 Worlds spot for NA. Tribe was chaotic, messy, and erratic, but most of all they were in control. Nova seemed like they were always chasing the ball while it was Tribe throwing it. Little did Nova know, Tribe was hiding it behind their back the whole time. Whether it was pushing lanes as Weapon Power Petal or chasing Nova down as Rona, Nova were never the ones forcing Tribe to react to them.

This week is even more interesting now that we have seen three of the top 6 teams fall out in the quarterfinals due to Tempo Storm and Gankstars facing off. Cloud9 were out macro’d by TSM despite always having a lead in both games against them. Then Hollywood Hammers won one dominating game over Rogue, but couldn’t figure out how to play against Hami’s Saw for the rest of the series. This puts Rogue at the helm of NA, barring they don’t lose to Tempo Storm. But honestly, it is anyways guess how NA will turn out and it will most likely be the final week of play that decides it all.