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Best Esports Teams

In the late 1990s, the Internet boom paved the way for a whole new era of egaming. Players were able to form competitive teams and challenge each other in popular online video games like Quake or World of Warcraft. Famous competitions like QuakeCon and the Professional Gamers league helped push esports into today’s modern culture. 

In the more recent years, a much larger number of games have been released, with their players growing into the millions. Here are some of the most famous games where competition is definitely serious and where the prize pools have reached staggering amounts well into the tens of millions of dollars. Here you will find the best esports teams currently competing in the various games:

In South Korea, video game competitions also known as esports needed support and therefore that was the beginning of spectator sports. In 2000, there were just ten gaming matches compared to 2010 with around 260 organized tournaments that generated a whopping $750 million in revenue in 2015.


Music has also played a part in esports, the fast rhythmic beats help players to keep motivated and truly does affect the way gamers play. An example of how music affected esports is Darude’s Sandstorm which made an unexpected comeback.    

The growth of professional teams like Fnatic encouraged loyal fans to fill stadiums of big championship events. Today many spectators are watching iconic games, following their favourite gangs.                

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What Makes a Good Team?

Prior to the game, each member of the squad gets together to execute different assigned roles.

A group of professional gamers have a mixture of different personalities that all meet to reach one goal to win a sum of money. Each contender has to trust the judgement of others and take risks, fully accepting choices. Teammates give and receive feedback, bringing up innovative alternatives to solve a problem. Consequently, decisions are to be taken by predicting the opponent’s next move. If you're looking for a list of the best esports players, you've landed on the right website!