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Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 13, 2017

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Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing

Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing is a 20-year-old British pro gamer practising FIFA for Unilad Esports. Better known as the FIWC Champion, he is the best top player at the moment, making a living playing his favourite hobby.

Neymar and George Best

Unilad Gorilla has a few favourites of his own, he looks up to top football player like Neymar as well as George Best. In prestigious tournaments Spencer sides with football club West Brom, following intently the matches they participate.

According to EA Sports, Unilad Gorilla’s advice to other FIFA gamers is to play against those better than you. “It really is the best way to improve. Playing divisions, trying new skill moves that you don’t usually do, trying new players, different formations, custom tactics and instructions. If you never leave your comfort zone, you will never be able to step up to the next level.”

Where it all began:

Spencer always had a passion playing football ever since he was young, instilling in him a sense of competition and strategical thinking. His knowledge into football gave him a new motivation into the world of video games, saving him the hassle of running around in the field.

Football sport3

He started practising as soon as FIFA 15 was released. Since then Spencer adapted his smart skills playing versions of FIFA 16 and 17. Ealing began pro career competing competitively in 2014 with Excel Esports then moved on with a team like Epilson and now currently showing off his football tactics with Unilad Esports.

The Team:

Unilad Esports is a part of a bigger company of the Unilad Group that was established in 2010. The organization is widely known for their website, Unilad that covers several topics of entertainment, sports, technology and social news that creates controversy, reaching millions of people worldwide.

Unilad Gorilla

Unilad Esports is a British gaming association that has understood how big electronic sports has grown through the years. The company has signed on professional FIFA player, Gorilla in May 2017 to compete in prestigious tournaments, impressing the esports community with his gaming performance.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

The highest earnings Gorilla won for UNILAD Esports was at the FIFA Interactive World Cup or better known as FIWC 2017. In all of his gaming career, Gorilla is proud to say he fulfilled his dream to win a World Cup match claiming a prize of $200K.

Spencer’s second great achievement was the Ultimate Team Championship Series 2017 Finals where he reached the Grand Finals. Gorilla lost to French FIFA player, Rocky, to claim his prize of $30K, ranking him in second place.

The most recent FIFA Esports tournaments that Ealing has participated include Gfinity Play like a Legend Finals, Electronic Sports World Cup 2015 Paris Games as well as Gfinity Spring Masters 1 and 2. His competitive experience has helped him improve by competing against Ferperry, TY, Agge, DaXe and Kurto411.

Through the years, Spencer has seen the growth of esports with every year that passes and expects FIFA tournaments to be even bigger and better. Gorilla has made it his next mission to win the title of Ultimate Team Championship Series.