Sick of Repetitive Dota 2 Game Mechanics? Here Are Some Dota 2 Arcade Games to Play

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 04, 2017

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It is undeniable that every game of Dota 2 is a repetitive farming of gold and experience to gain the advantage over the enemy (not speaking about Dota 2 Arcade Games here). Gaining advantage makes your team more able to invade the enemy’s base. The only thing that matters most in the game is destroying your opponent’s ancient throne. And this goal is the same EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. But hey that’s why there’s the Dota 2 Arcade Games!!

This could be one of the reasons why Dota 2 is losing popularity and number of base players. This game has an average duration of 40 minutes which, for some people, is too much to deal with.

However, what’s good about Valve’s Dota 2 client is that it does not only offer the customary Dota game. In the “Arcade” section, there are many custom games made by the workshop artists which you can play in case you need to try something new and different. Here are the custom-made games available in the Dota client that are worth playing for a whole new different Dota 2 experience.

Most Popular Dota 2 Arcade Game – Overthrow

“Slay your enemies! Be the first to earn the goal number of kills, or the team with the most kills when the round ends, and you will be victorious.”

Overthrow is the most popular Arcade game on Dota 2 to date. With over 9.5M subscriptions and an average of 2,000 players at a certain time, this game has become widely known to players and streamers. The rules are simple: be the first player or team to achieve the kill goal before the round ends.

Full of actions and adventures, Overthrow only lasts 15 minutes but still gives you the same amount of satisfaction Dota 2 can offer.

ReIncarnation RPG

“We drew inspiration from classic WC3 RPGs such as the iconic Twilight’s Eve, aiming to bring a fresh perspective to the games of our youth.”

The game was inspired by the classic Warcraft 3 RPG’s Twilight’s Eve and so far have received positive reviews. ReIncarnation showcases essential features of an RPG like dungeons available to raid; professions such as alchemy, cooking, fishing, and more; quests, dialogue boxes, and cinematics; and of course, a PvP arena.

Dota 2 Arcade Game ReIncarnation RPG

ReIncarnation RPG

Defined by its creator as one of “the biggest and most fully fledged RPG to hit the Dota 2 Arcade to date,” ReIncarnation RPG gives you a fully-satisfying RPG that you wouldn’t think as only a mod of Dota 2.

Save the Keeper

“Protect your keeper from the enemy units. Send your squads to battle to crush your opponent. The one who will remain the last win.”

Save the Keeper is the most recently released “tower defense” mod game in Dota 2 Arcade. Though there are already many custom games out there of the same genre, Save the Keeper has the most decent number of players that makes it easier to find a match. The only problem it’s facing right now is the lack of dedicated servers but gameplay-wise, Save The Keeper is surely one of the most enjoyable arcade games out there.

There are many other games worth trying in the Arcade section. From RPGs to tower defense, survival, and arena brawls, Dota 2 offers a wide variety of custom made games that will satisfy your craving for something fresh and different.