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Rox Tigers

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 23, 2016

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Rox Tigers

Rox Tigers is a South Korean professional team specialising in League of Legends. This team was also previously known as Huya Tigers, GE Tigers and Koo Tigers since their formation in November 2014. The squad of proficient players is sponsored by the Chinese company called YY Inc., a social video streaming network.

The current group of players that form Rox Tigers are Smeb, Peanut, KurO, Cry, Pray and Gorilla. Since 2014, the team have played in major tournaments such as IEM season IX, LCK 2015 Spring and Summer seasons among others. The highest single cash prize they’ve won so far was $250,000 from landing second against SK Telecom in the the 2015 World Championship.

Rox Tigers are proud to have placed first in the LCK Spring and Summer splits of 2016. The latest tournament they participated in was the LCK Summer playoffs that were held in August that won them $90,000. This result has qualified the Tigers to participate in the current 2016 League of Legends World Championship which is taking place between 29th September to 29 October 2016.

The Team


Smeb | Rox Tigers

Smeb takes on the Top laner role in the team playing the virtual game. His favourite champions are Riven, Fiora, Gnar, Kennen. The champion needs to survive by holding top lane on their own while trading blows on the opponent, since this lane is the closest to the baron.


Peanut | Rox Tigers

Peanut is the Jungler in Rox Tigers, in fact his most picked champions are Jarvan IV, Lee Sin and Rek Sai. His role is one of the trickiest, a varied role that can fight enemy jungle camps while protecting his own base. These champions must have a higher health pool and a high gank potential, damaging effects aimed at their targets. 


KurO | Rox Tigers

KurO first professional career started with the team, Incredible Miracle 2, then on to NaJin Black Sword. In November 2014 he formed part of the Rox Tigers playing the role of a mid laner. He is known to pick out the champion, Syndra for the magical damage that can be inflicted on an enemy champion. A good mid lane champion has to be strong to control the lane and clear out minions.


Cry | Rox Tigers

Cry joined the Rox Tigers in March 2016, where his role within the squad was a sub mid laner. His choice of champions in the latest tournaments were Azir, Vladimir, Varus and Viktor.


PraY | Rox Tigers

PraY was previously part of NaJin Black Sword where he gained the competitive experience. As of November 2014 he is currently a part of Rox Tigers playing the AD role in the League of Legends. His most played characters are Corki, Sivir and lastly Lucian.


GorillA | Rox Tigers

GorillA picked out his nickname as he looks like a gorilla. He was formerly a substitute with NaJalin White Shield in 2013 and has competed in a few Esports events like HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013. He entered the team back then was named Huya Tigers in November 2014. His role is playing the Support role with heroes like Annie, Alistar and Braum.

All in all, the Rox Tigers demonstrate consistent outstanding performance which has made them one of the top teams within esports. In three out of the ten main matches played so far, Tigers took the first prize, with three more tournaments placing them second whilst the other four matches placed them third and fourth.