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Aug 23, 2016

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Rogue is an eSports organisation that was founded in Las Vegas, made up of six European players. The new co-owner of the unit is the Grammy-Award winning DJ Steve Aoki , who has been a gaming enthusiast for years and the occasional Twitch streamer. The organisation has two teams that play Overwatch and CS:GO respectively, having only started recently in May 2016.

steve aoki rogue esports

Steve Aoki is the owner of Rogue

The Rogue squad is made up of TviQ, Reinforce, Winz, akm, uNKOE and Knoxx, having managed to make a name for themselves.

The Overwatch Team

Their latest accomplishment was winning over the renowned squad EnVyUs in the 2016 ESL Atlantic Showdown. Since the beginning, Rogue has played several competitions, earning them approximately $71,969 from big events like the latest Overwatch Open, Operation Breakout and many more matches.

Kevyn ‘TviQ’ Lindstrom is a Swedish professional cyber athlete, the captain for Rogue. He was known to be the sniper in Highlander playing for SNSD and the scout for Team Infused. He made the switch to Overwatch playing the DPS role with his favourite heroes Genji , Junkrat, Widowmaker.

Jonathan ‘Reinforce’ Larsson is another Swedish player, taking on the position of tank with his signature characters Reinhardt and Winston. The ultimate reason why Jonathan went into eSports was that he can put on shows doing what he loves best, and seeing the people’s cheerful reactions to his playstyle in video games.

Michael ‘winz’ Bignet is a 29-year-old French gamer, taking on his flexible role to help win OW. In his spare time, he used earn money by playing poker. Winz is also into watching television series like Stargate SG1 which he thinks is the best Sci-fi show.

Dylan ‘aKm’ Bignet, a French skilled player teams up alongside his big brother Winz rather than compete against him. His position in the squad is DPS, choosing the offensive hero Tracer, Soldier, Phara and McCree by trying to hurt or kill as many enemies. At the age of twelve, Akm started playing games like QuakeLive, Shootmania and CS:GO. His playstyle strengths showed an accurate aim, making the intelligent moves and beating his opponents.

Benjamin ‘uNKOE’ Chevasson is a French competitor for Rogue, playing the support for the unit. Support heroes like Ana, Mercy, Symmetra or Zenyatta are able to heal their allies, improve the squad’s abilities and debuff opponents.

Jean-Louis ‘Knoxx’ Boyer, another French athlete forms part of team Rogue by taking on the position of Support. His gaming experience has led him to compete in Team Fortress 2 with Epilson eSports.