Recent Study has seen Women grow in Esports

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 11, 2017

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The study in question is one brought forward by a couple of organisations, one being the Esports Ad Bureau and the other a research firm Magid. Research strongly states the fact that women are more involved in esports than generally known.

“The study shows that esports presents a tremendous opportunity for advertisers, delivering a desirable demographic that is highly engaged, very active, and open to interaction with brand messaging.  These audiences are also more receptive to brands than originally anticipated. For advertisers who get involved now, they have the chance to really take control of how they present themselves to fans as an integral partner that is helping to support and grow the esports space.” – words from the mouth of Magid advisor; Stan Press.

Experimental work was carried out a few months ago, in March. It consisted of 1,000 consumers ranging between the age of 16 and 45. The result was that women made up one-third of the esports audience, however, it is correct to criticise the accuracy as 1,000 people is a miniscule number.  Further research is to be carried out on a larger scale later.  Approximately 80% of the women watching esports are fresh to it with a maximum of 1 year of prior experience. Following this discovery,  researchers boldly commented that females could account for half of all growth in esports attendance for the remaining year.

Deductions can easily figure out that the esports spectrum is warping. Exposure is reaching women more often, as a result, women have found themselves to be more involved in competitive gaming than ever before.  A striking example is the concept of all-women’s teams in CS:GO. Also, a recent development has seen an all-female American College create an esports programme to challenge in Overwatch gaming.

The stereotype of girl gamers is mostly a small joke, but many live to it seriously with uncalled hate towards the opposite sex. Imagine, if in a few years, males become the minority in esports- that would be rather ironic, wouldn’t it?