Randal ‘Roolf’ Stark

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 14, 2017

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Randal ‘Roolf’ Stark

Randal ‘Roolf’ Stark is a committed Canadian pro gamer, who plays the supports his team Cloud 9. Roolf is considered one of the top support players that ranks him first in the top 500 of Blizzard’s in-game rankings.

Roolf is known to be one of Canada’s top Overwatch competitors that he proves esports fans his skills and best performances playing the Champions Zenyatta and Lucio.

Where it all began:

LOL video game

In the past, Roolf has played League of Legends reaching High elo rankings. His interest in Overwatch started when he used to play for fun back in November 2015, slowly practicing and training his skills to be better in the game. In June 2016, Stark joined his first professional squad, 1SHOT competing in OW.

The Team:

Cloud 9 Overwatch team4

Cloud 9 OW was created in March 2016, signing on the former google me pro players. Since then a few roster changes took place so that the current roster includes Sureforu, Adam, Ryb, Mendokusaii, Roolf. A new coach for the unit is currently Bishop and Gods joined the C9 OW in January 2017 to replace KyKy.

Competition Participation:

Cloud 9 have participated in their latest match Overwatch APEX Season 2 ranking in between the 9th till 12th place, taking their share of $2,740 prize.

OW Apex Season 4

Randal and his team Cloud 9 have attended the Alienware Monthly Melee and Carbon Masters November 2016 where they beat Immortals twice and Route 66 Cup defeating Faze Clan in their own game.


Stark’s great win for him as a player was when he played for the Canadian esports national team at the Overwatch World Cup 2016. His unit ranked in ninth place taking home a reward of $18K.

Another achievement for Roolf and Cloud 9 OW was at the MLG Vegas 2016. Although they lost to EnVyUs with the record 0:3, C9 finished in third place, earning their second highest prize of $12K.