Quarter-Finals Round Up IEM Katowice 2017

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 25, 2017

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1st QF: North vs Immortals

North vs Immortals

IEM Katowice 2017 | North vs Immortals

First Map | Cache:

Immortals and North faced each other in the first quarter final at the IEM Katowice 2017. Immortals started the first half of the first match as Terrorists, while North as CT. Immortals were as predicted pretty strong on their map pick, closing the first half with a 13 – 2 lead.

In the second half, we saw North going strong in the first three rounds, thus giving them a much needed confidence boost for the rest of the game.  MSL led the game by inflicting some heavy damage on the Brazilians. North went forward by winning a total of, nine consecutive rounds, setting the score to a close 14 – 12.  

During the 27th round Immortals seemed to make a critical mistake by deciding to force-buy during an important part of the map. This cost them to lose a further two rounds. After allowing North to pick up so many consecutive rounds, they seemed to get back their focus on the game at hand and closed the map with a score of 16-14.

North vs Immortals

IEM Katowice | North vs Immortals

Second Map | Overpass:

This was clearly North’s pick, in fact, they won the first 6 rounds with ease. Immortals then had a quick come back by winning the 7th and 8th rounds, forcing North to call a tactical pause. The time out did not seem to cause any positive effect for North, since Immortals won the following five rounds, setting the score at 6-7 in favour of the Brazilians.

Han1, Lucas and fnx were clearly showing why Immortals progressed so far in this tournament, giving the audience a spectacle of awesome clutch place. 

The second half of this map saw very balanced gameplay, with both teams trading rounds. During this half, there was a technical issue on one of North’s players, causing the match to be paused. This pause seemed to somehow be welcomed by the teams in fact they were seen relaxing until the issue was fixed.

The second half continued to be rather balanced and it ended up in overtime, where North seemed to have the upper hand, winning the map and tying up the series.

North vs Immortals

IEM Katowice | North vs immortals

Third Map | Cobble:

The Danes kicked off the last map strong by leading 11-4 after the first half. Despite this, Immortals didn’t seem to be at all fazed by North’s approach and went on to win the map and consequently the series.


QF: Astralis vs Na’Vi

Astralis vs Na'Vi

IEM Katowice | Astralis vs Na’Vi

First Map | Mirage:

After Virtus Pro where eliminated from the tournament, Na’Vi seemed to be the crowd favourite in Katowice.

Although being crowd favourites, Na’Vi, did not have it easy at all against a solid team like Astralis, who are currently considered as the top team in the world. Astralis showed their superior strength by trashing their opponents in the starting phase of the map.


IEM Katowice | Attralis

To add insult to injury, Na’Vi’s star player, Guardian seemed to be missing very easy targets, forcing the Ukrainians to call a second tactical time out of the match. This helped Guardian boost his fighting spirit and he came back in full force, pulling off some great AWP kills until the end of the map. Despite s1mpLe’s tactic of helping Guardian with a secondary AWP, Astralis still managed to win the first map.


IEM Katowice | Na’Vi

Second Map | Nuke:

Na’Vi where no match to Astralis, neither during this map. In fact Astralis demolished Na’Vi 16-2, thus granting them a spot in the semi–final against Heroic. Making this an all Danish semi-final.

Astralis Wins

IEM Katowice | Astralis Wins

Watch the semi-finals here