Overwatch Worlds 2017: Predictions and Who to Watch

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 09, 2017

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Overwatch Worlds 2017 group stages are nearing in, and excitement is rising worldwide! There are many outstanding teams out there worth keeping an eye on, but here’s some tips on whom to keep a close eye on:

Group A

ow worlds flags group a

China, Hong Kong, Norway, Romania

Here it is China whom one should keep as the top favorite with their mix of LGD and Invictus Gaming roster.

Group B

ow worlds flags group b

France, Denmark, Thailand, Argentina

Otherwise known as FRogue, bolstering the full Rogue lineup, France is the team to beat in this group. However, they are the team to watch out for, not only because of their strength but also because of some weaknesses they’ve shown lately. Everyone is eager to see how they’ll perform on the international stage.

Group C

ow worlds flags group c

Sweden, Australia, Italy, Portugal

The advantage is solidly in Australia’s hands here, being the only team not having to travel much since their qualifier is in Sydney itself, and having the full Blank roster, they are certainly the team to beat. However, an eye should be kept on Italy as they have some sick hit scan players, amongst which is Carnifex.

Group D

ow worlds flags group d

Finland, Japan, Spain, Vietnam

Finland similarly to other countries, chose to pick five of six players from Rest in Pajamas, making them one of the teams to watch. The team however, was recently in a bit of a slump, so they might be worth watching for the wrong reasons.

Group E

ow worlds flags group e

South Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Austria

Not much to be said here, the South Korean champions from last year return to assert their dominance, they are the team to watch, and it will be a good stage to test how other western sides fare against the Koreans.


South Korean national team after they won the Overwatch World Cup 2016

Group F

ow worlds flags group f

Canada, Russia, Singapore, Turkey

This is arguably one of the most balanced groups in the cup. However, we set Russia to be the team to watch, having some strong players from rosters such as eUnited and FaZe Clan.

Group G

ow worlds flags group g

United States, Taiwan, Brazil, New Zealand

Group H

ow worlds flags group h

United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Belgium

These two groups have the same situation going on. On paper, the US and UK have an advantage in having some of the strongest names out there. However, Taiwan, Brazil and Israel, like France, bolster a full team roster on their international team. So, all five teams should get thorough attention there.

We hope you find this guide to your assistance, and please note that group stages start on the 14th of July, with the Shanghai Qualifier as China are set to face Romania in the opening match.

Tune into the action and watch it unfold, as yet another Overwatch World Cup is sought over!