Overwatch World Cup 2017: Sydney delivers.

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 24, 2017

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Yet another exciting weekend of Overwatch took place, as the Overwatch World Cup took us to Sydney this time around.

Prior to the event starting this was set to be another weekend of exciting Overwatch action, with a home team looking to defend their honor on their own turf, but oh how wrong that statement was as the event concluded the group stage just a few hours ago.

The matches were exhilarating, to say the least, with both groups ending with a seven, six, four, zero-point score for the teams consecutively. With Sweden topping their group, followed by Australia and Japan topping group D followed by Spain.

OW Group C Results

OW Group C Results

OW Group D Results

OW Group D Results

This left us with the play-off matches where Sweden was up against Spain, and Australia took on Japan. For Sweden, it looked like a walk in the park, as they took the series 3-0 to defeat Spain. For Australia, it was a much harder fought battle, and there is much to improve on, but with a 3-2 score, they also secured their spot in the BlizzCon finals!

With all this said, we have yet not mentioned the main reason why this weekend was so exhilarating, the crowd! In what was a battle to enforce their team, the Aussies didn’t disappoint as a home crowd, as they could be heard continuously cheering on their favorite team, loudly turning on the volume in the arena.


Australia in the end delivered as they set their place among the top 8 teams in the world, whilst they look to qualify further up the bracket in November as the BlizzCon finals will prove whom is the top team out there!

Tune in next week, as the action takes us to Katowice, Poland as groups E & F will decide whom our fifth and sixth teams for the finals will be!