Overwatch Events 2017: October Preview, Updates & BLIZZCON!

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 02, 2017

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As we head into October, the Overwatch scene has had some tournaments come to a close, as others also near their end. However there are some exciting stuff coming up in the world of Overwatch Events 2017.

Overwatch Premier Series

Overwatch Premier Series

Firstly, two days ago on October 1st, the Overwatch Premier Series concluded its Grand Finale match, as Miraculous Youngsters took on 1246 in a best of seven final clash for the top spot. The match went to a six-game series as their head to head clashes saw them swinging back and forth in the early stages.

Ultimately, Miraculous Youngsters took the series, 4-2 and pinned themselves as the Premier Series Champions.

Overwatch Pacific Championship

Overwatch Pacific Championship

This week however, there is still some exciting action to be had, as the Overwatch Pacific Championship has wrapped the regular season up and will crown its champions on October 8th at the Blizzard E-Stadium in Taipei.

OGN Overwatch APEX Season 4

OGN Overwatch APEX Season 4

However, that is not all the events that have ended in the recent days or will end soon, as the Overwatch APEX’s fourth season is coming to a close with its second group stage on Friday 6th as Lunatic Hai seek redemption as they once again take on GC Busan in the do or die match of Group B. Once that result comes in, the winner will join up with Cloud9 KongDoo, RunAway, and NC Foxes as one of the top four teams still in the run for the APEX Cup.

Overwatch Contenders Season 1

Overwatch Contenders Season 1

The Overwatch Contenders series will also close up shop as the finals will take place at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, with $200,000 on the line and the Overwatch League starting, this will be a great chance for players to potentially show off their potential. Although the player signing season is closed, there is always hope for future opportunities for players to enter the league, and events such as this hold the perfect stage to do so.

APAC Premier


Last but not least, there is the APAC Premier, which kicks off on October 19th, where teams from Europe, the United States, South Korea and the Asia Pacific Region, will join four Chinese teams in an epic Cross-Region showdown where only one team will emerge victorious.

Overwatch Events 2017 Build Up


What build up? Well, excitement build up, of course. That is since one could take this month as the thirty-three-day countdown to BlizzCon, which also means more Overwatch Action to come.

With possible major announcements heading our way, almost guaranteed information regarding the Overwatch League to come, and one can never forget the Overwatch World Cup Finals as the top eight teams bash it out in the final series of matches to declare the overall top Country to take the Overwatch World Cup this year.

When all is said and done, October and early November have cash prizes on the line, along with cross-region rivalry, titles as well as bragging rights. There is absolutely no reason not to love this. So, stay tuned and don’t miss any of the action coming up across all the major Overwatch channels!