Overwatch Esports Scene: October Week 1 Roundup & Recap!

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 08, 2017

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As another week passed by, the Overwatch Esports Scene is going strong, as more and more major events are coming to a close and more news is hitting the scene as the Overwatch League keeps making progress.

Overwatch Contenders

OW Contenders

Just yesterday (October 7th), at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, the Overwatch Contenders closed out their semi-final matches, so that only two teams per region remain, to fight for their cut of the $200,000 that is on the line.

Said matches will be played today (October 8th), and of course, there couldn’t be a final without Team EnVyUs there, as the North American final will feature Team EnVyUs facing up against FaZe Clan.


OW Misfits VS Gigantti

In the second final on the European side, there is a much deeper story to be told about one of the teams. For the much more expected finalist, Misfits will be taking the stage to prove their worth. However, for their opponents, it has truly been a redemption story, as Gigantti take the stage at the Contenders Final.

Coming out of a period where they were known under the Ninjas in Pyjamas, and later on Rest in Pyjamas name. They were highly criticized for the slump they were in, losing one match after the other without every really showing any positive improvement. The final straw was when most of their players were picked to represent Finland, and once more a disappointing performance saw them knocked out in the first stage of the Overwatch World Cup.

However, as the Overwatch Contenders Season 1 started, they immediately kicked off, getting on win after the other, and proving they are there for a reason, now they are aiming for the finish line, to prove all the critics wrong, and it is just around the corner, as their face-off against Misfits is turning out to be a very heated affair.

Overwatch APEX Season 4

OW APEX Season 4

Another tournament that has reached its peak is the OGN Overwatch APEX Season 4, as the playoffs are finally at hand. In what was expected on paper but still feels like an upset, two-time champions Lunatic Hai suffered the second 0-3 loss to GC Busan, and were finally eliminated from the run for the cup this time around. Thus, the finalists for this season will be GC Busan, Cloud9 KongDoo, NC Foxes and RunAway.

Said matches will start on October 10th and the final itself will be on October 21st.

The Overwatch League makes progress!

OW League2

Another important standpoint for the Overwatch Esports Scene is the Overwatch League, and yet another mark has been made, as Dallas have announced their branding.

Their team will be known as the Dallas Fuel, paying tribute to the region’s strong heritage around the energy sector, as well as maintaining Team Envy’s blue colors.

Overwatch Dallas Fuel

Another good thing to note about the League is the way it has now affected esports globally, with major competitor Riot Games seemingly following suit, as LCS Teams are rumored to be setting up geo-located franchises in the future, the same way the Overwatch League has been designed to operate.

For more news, stay posted as we bring you back to back Overwatch Action every week!