Overwatch Contenders: Season Zero Recap

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 05, 2017

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Following a series of unexpected as well as expected match-ups, The Overwatch Contenders: Season Zero draws its curtains and comes to a close in one of the best series of clashes in Overwatch.

The European end left nothing to be desired, as the top teams in that region clashed hard, to fight for their chance at the cut of $50,000. However, the biggest surprise came when new team ‘123’ made it all the way to the Grand Finale, walking over Rest in Pajamas and Bazooka Puppiez, amongst other names they dropped on the way in previous rounds. Their run would only be cut short in the final, where eUnited reasserted their dominance, showing that they are indeed a top team to be reckoned with, taking the Final 4-1.

On the North American end, in surprising fashion a sleeping dog was awoken, as Team Liquid surprised viewers, as they returned from what seemed like a competitive slumber in recent times, to take down the hot-shots of FNRGFE, and make their way to the Grand Finale, where they found Immortals waiting. Immortals however, had resolved themselves quite extraordinarily, receiving solid praise from analysts and other teams alike, as they secured the North American win, taking the top spot and securing their share of the prize pool.



This has shifted the rankings quite a bit, with the likes of Immortals and eUnited bouncing up to 4th and 5th consecutively. However, the kings remain at the top as Rogue secure the 1st place still, with only Lunatic Hai creeping up on them only two points behind!