Oliver ‘Vonethil’ Lager

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 14, 2017

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Oliver ‘Vonethil’ Lager

Oliver ‘Vonethil’ Lager is Swedish 21-year-old gamer from Stockholm; wo takes on the role of the in-game leader for Fnatic Overwatch. He has the capabilities to take on any position but at the moment he takes on the supportive role to assist and heal his team mates with his favourite heroes, Ana, Symmetra and Lucio.

Fnatic Vonethil

Fnatic Overwatch Captain, Oliver felt that it was a lot to live up to at first but it turned out to be a good thing, pressuring himself to perform consistently at prestigious esports events.

Where it all began:

Video game GW

Lager began his pro gaming career playing Guild Wars 2. He was approached by another gamer, Maksym ‘Mopsio’ Szczypa to create a unit that eventually signed with MYM competing in Heroes of the Storm.

When Overwatch was released, Lager liked the idea that the video game was a mix of MOBA and FPS. Realising the potential of how great Overwatch will turn out to be in future, Oliver got hooked to the game on his second time trying out the game.

The Team:

Fnatic OW team3

Fnatic Overwatch is a professional gaming team that is now based in Los Angeles. The unit was created in June 2015, originally made up of former Battlefield 4 players, who left to form Reunited. In July 2016, Fnatic announced a new lineup to carry on the success and reputation with six pro gamers, buds, coolmatt69, Stoop, Custa, Vonethil and Hafficool.

Competition Participation:

Recent events that Fnatic OW have participated in 2017 include Alienware Monthy Melee: March, the qualifier, Overwatch PIT Championship and the premier Overwatch APEX Season 2.

Overwatch Melee

As from July 2016, Fnatic have kept up their performance ranking in the top four places in the majority of esports tournaments. The Major matches that were attended were MLG Vegas 2016, DreamHack Winter 2016, ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown and Alienware Monthyl Melee: July among others.

While competing for Fnatic Overwatch unit, Vonethil has battled and won against some of the best teams like Complexity, Liquid and Team Solomid.


Vonethil’s most recent win was the Overwatch APEX Season 2 match, while with Fnatic, where the squad ranked in ninth place. Making an exit in the group stages, Fnatic OW took home a prize of $2,740.

The greatest win for Vonethil so far was at the premier match, Overwatch Open that was held in September 2016. Fnatic lost to EnVyUs, placing third, the squad walked out as winners claiming their highest reward so far of $24K.