OGN Apex Season 4 Group Stage 2: Round Up and What to Expect

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Sep 26, 2017

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Following the most recent developments in the OGN APEX Season 4, the second group stage kicked off strong giving some amazing matches to watch.

OGN Overwatch APEX Season 4

Season 2 teams are back at the OGN Apex Season 4…almost.

Taking from what occurred in the past two weeks, we’ve gotten a taste of the strengths of the teams that shone in Season two, but not completely. Firstly, RunAway are back, and they’re back swinging. Their stage two debut game against X6-Gaming went their way as they took the series 3-2. One could say they were a strong contender for that group, although at this stage we can’t really say there are weak ones.


Run Away Logo

The first surprise of Group B was Lunatic Hai’s defeat to GC Busan, in what was not even a close call. As GC Busan took the series 3-0 annihilating the season two and three champions. At this point, being a double elimination group format, Lunatic Hai are with their backs against a wall as they must win every matchup from this point forward to stay in the tournament.


GC Busan Logo

On the side of Group A, the recent signing of KongDoo Panthera under the Cloud 9 banner, making them Cloud9 KongDoo, saw them shine through their matches as they won both in a splendid 3-0 fashion. On this end, NC Foxes will face the winner between LW Red and CONBOX Spirit, as just like Lunatic Hai and X6-Gaming, they’re at the do or die point where a loss means they’re out.

Finals Approaching fast

C9 Kongdoo Logo

With all that said and done, we can officially say that the finals are already looking good, with RunAway and Cloud9 KongDoo being confirmed finalists, but who will join them is the curious question, who’s going to be the third and fourth team to join the final battle for the cup.

Do or die

For Group B, Lunatic Hai probably remain the favorites with the best odds, being the powerhouse they always were. However, one cannot exclude X6-Gaming, as they have shown in the past that they’re very well capable to step up their game and send big dogs home, such as their first group stage in season three, when they eliminated RunAway and KongDoo Uncia.

However, for the Group A side one cannot really say anything as there isn’t much history between the two teams. One could mention however that CONBOX Spirit does seem to be a team that Is struggling in the current meta, unlike LW Red, whom have managed to grasp a few straws here and there.


The upcoming matches will be played on Tuesday 26th of September at 12:00 and 14:00 CEST respectively, with CONBOX Spirit vs LW Red first and Lunatic Hai vs X6-Gaming shortly after.

So, strap into your seats and prepare yourselves for the action, as it is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster from this point forward!