North’s Triumphant Roar at DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Sep 03, 2018

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Many CSGO fans tuned in to watch live the intense action at DreamHack Masters Stockholm at the Ericsson Globe. The gaming event featured top sixteen squads from all over the world competing against each other. The matches had a fair share of surprises that saw top units like Natus Vincere and Faze Clan knocked out in the Quarterfinals. While the unpredictable North gamers outplayed the best Counter-Strike team in the world, Astralis to take home the premier title as well as their tremendous reward of $100K. 

The Danish star players of Astralis were the favourites to win the DH Masters in Stockholm after they recently won the Eleague CS: GO Premier 2018. They kicked off the Group Stages to place second, defeating Ghost Gaming and Tyloo, to advance in the Playoffs. The quarterfinals saw Astralis take down the Brazilians MIBR and Ninjas in Pyjamas in an unbeatable score of 2-0 in the Semi-finals, that led them to the Final.

North CSGO team

Team North’s journey through DreamHack Masters Stockholm was an event. Danish players can never forget. They were the leading team in Group A to outplay Tyloo and Astralis. In the Quarterfinals, the Danes won over the Ukrainian squad, Navi with an unbeatable 2-0 record in a best-of-three game. The lions of North defeated Mousesports with an excellent score 2-1, paving their way to the Grand Finals. DreamHack Masters Stockholm final saw two Danish Counter-Strike teams, Astralis and North go head to head.

In the best-of-three match, the first map chosen by Astralis was Dust II, taking the Terrorist side winning the game with a record of 14-11. One of the highlights was when Mathias ‘MSL’ Lauridsen, the North in-game leader did a quad kill clutch where he helped his team close and win the pistol round.

The second map Train was picked by North who took the pistol round taking the advantage over the star players early in the game. In fact, in a sudden turn of events, Astralis started to dominate the game; however, North did not want to give them an easy chance so they fought back hard as best they could. The game was quite energetic that ultimately finished in favour of Astralis with a score of 16-6.

The Overpass was the third map left, showing a fierce fight for both teams who had high hopes of winning. At first half, Astralis may have had the upper hand, but they did not prove they could gain full control. On the other hand, North took on the Terrorist side dominating the pistol round. Their great advantage was thanks to the Northern team captain, MSL who pulled out a few great sniping tactics with a triple kill hold and shot four opponents. Closing the match, MSL secured their win over Astralis with a quick double.

North MSL wins MVP award of DH Masters Stockholm

MSL wins the MVP award of DreamHack Masters Stockholm, Source

North’s Team Captain, Mathias ‘MSL’ Lauridsen was voted the Most Valuable Player of DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 by Betway and HLTV. His outstanding awping skills have shown that he reached a record of 40 opening kills and 94 awp frags. Having played his best, MSL has earned a rating of 1.59 on Dust II and a rating of 1.53 in Overpass. 

North, the CSGO team, was not a favourite and were unforeseen to win the match. Due to their fantastic win, all CSGO fans in the arena heard the winning roar while they held up the trophy at DreamHack Masters in Stockholm.