NALCS: Could 100 Thieves Be The Next Immortals?

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Dec 13, 2017

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The end of 2017 has given way to one of the most interesting offseasons for the LCS to date. The introduction of franchising that brought in 4 new teams has led to so much movement among players and staff that predicting what teams are going to be the best and the worst might be a bit too early. However, when teams get some of the best players of the past few years onto their team, it makes people tunnel onto them as clear favorites. TSM picking up EU juggernauts, Sven and Mithy, and TL buying up most of the Immortals roster are definitely the top ones. But this is about the team that seems to be going under the radar and might just well become the Immortals of 2018, that is 100 Thieves.

Korean Superstars Join the Team

To start off, it might be best to talk about the import slots that 100T used up with some of their earliest pickups. Of former KT fame, Ssumday comes into this team as a powerful toplaner. When he was on Team Dignitas, his power over his opponents became something that many considered the reason for the team’s late season success. While he might have been relegated onto the tanks a bit more when the team started to win, he was wrecking players on his bruisers, especially on his Jarvan IV. With this sort of talent returning to NA and on a new team, many are going to have to fear what he might end up playing to continue his domination into 2018.

100 Thieves Ssumday

With Ssumday in top, a powerful mid laner such as Ryu most feel like icing on the cake for 100T. This is a player that also dates back to the days of KT Rolster Bullets in Korea, at least before he was picked up by H2K in 2015. On H2K, he showed the western world the power of Korea by being one of the best mid laners in EU during his tenure with the team and region. With his power of play, he helped the team go all the way to the semifinals of 2016 worlds with his spectacular Cassiopeia. Though, he didn’t have the best debut into NA with Phoenix1, he can start over with a new team that is bringing more than just LCK talent to try to take the scene by storm.

100 Thieves Ryu

NA Allstars Look To Lead 100T

If you weren’t too hyped up by the imports coming in for 100T, then you need to take a look at the players they are bringing on board that are NA natives. First, we have the long time CLG legend, Aphromoo. While Ryu has been known as a leader before, it is hard to argue with the renowned prowess to command a team forward. Despite having not made it to Worlds in 2017, this is a player that has made an appearance to prior Worlds twice and recently was voted the top support for NA.

100 Thieves Aphromoo

Perhaps a bit more exciting than having Aphromoo on a new team might be the other confirmed announcement for 100T on their other player. That is Meteos joining an LCS team that isn’t part of C9, and joining as the starting jungler for the team. Another player that knows how to shotcall for a team, but is not just about attempting to carry the team every game. He is a jack of all trades jungler that can go from a carry style on Lee Sin and Elise to the more tank style with his well known pocket pick of Zac to benefit his team. With players that are already strong in their lanes, like Ryu, Ssumday, and Aphromoo, this will be a great team for Meteos to be a part of.

Could 100 Thieves Be 2018’s IMT?

This is the question we started off the article with in the title. The pickups that have been confirmed by 100T already clearly are a statement that they want to become one of the best teams in NA that will rival the rest of the best. Only TSM and TL have a team that could be considered possible Worlds contenders, such as 100T is doing with their roster. It still remains to be seen who the ADC will be for them, but even if it isn’t the rumored Cody Sun, they can risk going for a rookie as the marksman since their will be plenty of leadership around them.