LoL Worlds 2017: Faker or Cuvee, Who Can Carry More?

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Nov 03, 2017

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Come November 4th, there will be a new LoL Worlds 2017 Champion announced. No matter what it is going to be another LCK team holding the trophy, but both have deserved it after how strong they have looked all tournament long and over the course of a couple of years. Even if both teams have been on the cusp of elimination, they have found a way out to make it to the finals of Worlds. But who is it going to be? Betting for SSG or SKT will be due to whether Cuvee can carry SSG or if Faker will be the legend once again for SKT this year.

Cuvee and SSG


LoL Worlds 2017 SSG. Photo Credits:

Throughout the run to this point, SSG have had many ups and downs. At one point, they were just one game away from being knocked out before even entering, and to Afreeca Freecs no less. Thankfully for them, they had Cuvee to fall back on. While it might not seem like he was the most impressive on paper due to his KDA, the amount of pressure on the map he provided was truly a beacon of light for SSG to follow.

This has spilled into the performance this World’s for SSG as they dominated the quarterfinals against Longzhu Gaming, and only lost once to Team WE. Never did they seem like SSG were going to let up. And this was from both Cuvee playing amazingly in the top lane as well as from Ambition in the jungle. No longer falling onto Haru, SSG have been looking more consistent, look like they have more synergy, and seem like a more cohesive team all around.

Faker and SKT


While SSG might have just started to look like they are in form, SKT have always been the top team to beat. But this World’s has been the shakiest SKT have ever looked. Almost being eliminated twice, SKT have not been behaving like the team many have seen them to be. However, there has been one player to be the powerhouse over and over again for them, and that is one of the two players that have been with the organization for years. Hint, it isn’t Bang.

Faker saw his team at the edge of darkness in Game 4 against Misfits, but somehow managed to keep his presence relevant throughout the game. With him being even with PowerOfEvil, all it took was one teamfight for SKT to be able to take the game and then the series in the very next game. Compared to Crown, Faker is miles ahead still and might be the very reason SKT win over SSG this World’s. But who is more powerful, Cuvee and Ambition or Faker?