LMS: Raise Gaming Rise To The Top

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 18, 2017

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The Taiwanese league, LMS, has been a region dominated by names like Yoe Flash Wolves, AHQ, and Taipei Assassins for such a long time. The winners of the 2nd World’s Finals and a region that has historically been able to defeat the Korean Overlords of League, there is a lot that can be learned from this region. But in just recent history, the LMS has been suffering a lot of problems. A poor MSI showing and then FW, the top LMS team, suspending members for behavioral issues, things look on the downward slope. Even AHQ has been looking a bit shaky with early games lost to JTeam and Hong Kong Attitude, this might be the lowest point of the league’s history. Well, that would be the case if not for the newest stars, Raise Gaming.

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Raise Gaming. Photo Source: yahoogames-esports Tumblr.

The history of this organization is a more recent one. They started early this year in the promotion tournament to battle their way into the LMS and didn’t bring many to their attention. Having lost their series to Wayi Spider 2-1, WS had finished last in the LMS, RG weren’t sending ripples just yet. However, they had beaten eXtreme Gamers and Team Yetti to secure the final spot into the LMS, so something was going right. With the bit of attention they were gaining, people started to take note of the management behind the scenes, particularly Toyz of former Taipei Assassins glory.

With this great leadership has come one of the most impressive starts to a season from a new team in the LMS since, well, Taipei Assassins back in the day. This has been a great wave of success for RG as they have saw a loss in week 1 to Machi, but were still able to win the series and then go on an 8 game winning streak. In that time, they beat out Wayi Spider, Fireball, and even the Flash Wolves. All eyes have begun to look to RG as the next big thing.

The only problem for them has to be that in that impressive 8 game win streak, it wasn’t against the best teams in the LMS. Even the FW were a much weaker form, having suspended MMD, Betty, and sub top laner Cyo for behavioral issues. Then are the wins. Even in the wins, they aren’t looking like a team that would be able to take on the international powerhouses such as Bjergsen, Zven, and Uzi, let alone anyone from Korea.