Lee Sin: The Blind Monk

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Apr 02, 2017

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A few weeks ago I decided to do a quick rundown of Anivia when her new Festival Queen skin was about to be released. This time, it’s the blind monk’s turn, as Riot releases a skin that…removes his blindness???



Yepp, just a few days ago RIOT teased a new skin with a very interesting video showcasing our favourite try-hard champion gaining his vision back. So in celebration of this event, I thought I’d take a look at what makes this character so unique and welcome all the new Lee Sin mains that will be joining the rest of the pro players, with a small look at Lee Sin’s two-part lesson on mobility.



Passive: Flurry

Lee Sin gains extra attack speed on his next 2 auto attacks every time he uses an ability. These attacks will generate energy with each strike.



Look, I know that this really isn’t a bad passive and it’s very useful in retrieving energy quickly, but it’s not flashy, so as any pro Lee Sin main knows, it’s of no interest to us! Moving on!

Q – Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike

Sonic Wave – Lee Sin fires a ball of energy that stops at the first enemy it hits, marking them and dealing physical damage. Enemies hit are also revealed, even if they’re invisible. Not bad per se, but it’s not really what Q is used for. That’s covered in the next section.

Resonating Strike (Part 1 of Lee Sin’s Guide to Mobility) – Lee Sin, literally, flies into the air and zooms into the marked enemy through anything and everything. Seriously, trying to run away from this ability’s range is pretty much useless, as you watch Lee Sin re-activate his Q just in time to gracefully glide over to your last few bars of health.



W – Safeguard/Iron Will

Safeguard (Part 2 of Lee Sin’s Guide to Mobility) – Lee Sin dashes to any friendly minion or champion, granting himself and his ally a shield. This ability can also be cast on wards, minus the shield part, or self-cast to just gain the shield effect. This ability, especially coupled with Lee Sin’s Resonating Strike, makes you wonder how a blind man is quite literally more mobile than any other champion in the game. Seriously I slam into things in broad daylight, and this guy can’t even see and he’s dashing around like an excited chihuahua.

Iron Will – Lee Sin Gains increased life steal and spell vamp. Increases survivability, works well with passive, yeah yeah yeah. But it’s not FLASHY! So do we care? No. Moving on. 



E- Tempest/Cripple

Tempest – Lee Sin smashes the ground, dealing area-of-effect magic damage to all those around him, revealing any invisible champions, and marking all those hit with a debuff. In other words, every invisibility champion’s worst nightmare.

Cripple – Anyone marked with the Tempest debuff gets reduced movement speed. In other words, every champion’s worst nightmare. Try to get away from Lee Sin once he hops his way over to you, I dare you.



Ultimate – Dragon’s Rage

Lee Sin performs a roundhouse kick (or whatever skin variation it might be) dealing physical damage and pushing a target enemy champion away from him and sending him slamming into any other enemy champions that may be behind him. Enemy champions hit by their airborne ally get knocked up and are dealt physical damage.

So yeah, not only can Lee Sin dash towards you (Q), he can slow you down (E), dash behind you (Ward + W) and send you flying into the enemy team (Ultimate). Enjoy!



I’m just messing around. Lee Sin is actually quite a complex and hard character to play, and while I’m not a big fan of the new skin coming out (and a bad Lee Sin player too but we don’t need to talk about that), I can’t help but appreciate the work that’s gone into it.

As usual, leave any comments about the character himself, or anything that I might have missed out, in the comments below. I’m really curious to know though, am I the only one who wasn’t that impressed with the new skin? I’d love to hear some feedback from you guys.

Until then, cya!!!