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League of Legends Betting Odds | EsportsOnly.com

Esports betting odds represent the underlying possibility of an event to occur, which is known as the probability. Regardless of the event, each outcome has a chance to occur. Odds are the interpretation of that chance.

Esports betting odds are the way for players to predict the outcome of a specific esports game and gamble a sum of cash on that result. Bookmakers give the odds for players and will gamble against you by getting the bets placed. To understand better what betting odds are, you should know first the probability.

In the world of esports, the probability is the possibility of an event to take place. One can quantify probability as a percentage. Betting is all about estimating the probability of an event to occur, from 0% to 100% (impossible to certain). The likelihood of other probable results will fall in between. Exchanges and bookmakers will measure and translate the probability into odds.

The earliest esports games and tournaments appeared in the early 2000s. However, the industry’s real popularization and growth started only at the end of the decade. It was due to popular online games like League of Legends.

League of Legends Esports Betting Odds | EsportsOnly.com

Getting started with LoL betting is simple. Here are the steps:

1. Sign up in your preferred sportsbook. It is fast and easy.

2. Once you’re registered, you can start looking at the odds markets. The chances for a group to win a match will be the leading betting market you’ll encounter. Start familiarizing yourself with the pricing of each team while thinking about your expectations, such as their performance.

3. Once you’re more confident to place a bet, continue and make your first deposit. You must not forget to check out the best bonus offers available on your first time to sign up.

LoL Esports Betting Odds | EsportsOnly.com

Why Bet on League of Legends?

Partner Sites Offering the Best League of Legends Betting Odds:

It seems difficult to pinpoint the LoL betting sites for a beginner like you. But, it will not be a problem when you know what to do. Here are some important factors to consider:

  • Website Experience: this factor shows how a bookie attracts and keeps its customers. User experience is always a major aspect to consider when looking for the best LoL betting sites. Below, you will see a list of easy to navigate sites with simple and clear betting procedures.
  • Special Bets: when looking for the best League of Legends betting sites, you must consider also the special bets they offer. esports bets come in two types: normal and special. Normal bets are typically 2-way and 3-way. Special bets have matches that may end as a draw while normal bets represent the matches wherein a team should defeat its opponent. However, special bets are game-specific as they represent the other measurable aspects of the tournament.
  • The Number of Available Markets: you must never forget to consider the esports markets. Winning is difficult when you choose a bookie that has one esports market or two.
  • Legit Betting Licenses: the betting sites you will see on the list below has a valid betting license in the area where they operate. Thus, you will be investing in a legit gambling company. It guarantees credibility, transparency, and a satisfying user experience.
  • Payment Policy: payment policy or withdrawal policy is the leading factor to consider when looking for the best LoL betting sites. Perhaps you found a bookie with many good bonuses and other enticing offers, but when you tried to withdraw your winnings, you encountered several obstacles along the way. The most common issue is big lowest withdrawal amounts. There were bookies out there that require over $200 for the preliminary withdrawal. While that is fine for big-time players, others will not be happy with lower deposit amounts. Withdrawal fees are also a concern.
  • Usually, the betting sites offer a selection of withdrawal methods with various transaction fees. But, a few bookies prefer increasing the charges beyond reasonable amounts. It is why checking out their payment or withdrawal policy is important. Every bettor deserves low transaction charges and low lowest withdrawal amounts.
  • Payment Options: this aspect pertains to the website’s number of withdrawal or deposit options. Credit cards, Neteller, Paysafecard, Ukash, and Skrill are common payment options accepted by most LoL betting sites. The more, the better. However, you must ensure that your ideal bookie has your preferred payment option available for deposit and withdrawal. The betting sites included in the list below have almost all popular payment options.
  • Trustworthiness: if you are not sure about the safety of your personal info in a specific betting website, then you should never visit it. Trustworthiness is also an important factor to consider when looking for the best LoL betting sites. The list here doesn’t include those websites with bad reviews, complaints, and bad customer support.

LoL Esports Betting Odds | EsportsOnly

Here are some of the most trusted LoL betting sites so far:


Arcanebet is one of the newest betting sites for various games, including League of Legends. THBet, a Dutch betting corporation, founded this website in March 2017. THBet is one of the famous eSports experts. Arcanebet has a great surprise for every new bettor who chooses them. When you sign up, you will get a 100 percent bonus of as much as €200.

Payment Options: You can use VISA, Skrill, Mastercard, SOFORT, Monetaru, Neteller, Paysafecard, QIWI Wallet, and Yandex. They also accept bitcoins.


  • Big eSports selection
  • Big welcome bonus
  • CSGO skins betting
  • Live Betting


  • Customer support is not 24/7 available.


ESPORTSBETTING.COM has been around for two years. This betting site operates under the Malta Gaming Authority. The website operates under strict rules, guaranteeing your safety. This website is more popular to several players because it specializes in eSports betting.

This website offers several casinos and eSports games like League of Legends. ESPORTSBETTING.COM is simple and clutter-free with an orange and black theme. Its interface allows fast navigation throughout. The clear menu will take you to different sections of the website. Signing up in ESPORTSBETTING.COM is easy.

Payment Options: Feel free to choose any of the following: Mastercard, VISA, Skrill, SOFORT Banking, and Paysafecard


  • Excellent game selection
  • Competitive odds for LoL
  • Good customer security and service
  • In-play betting choices with live streaming


  • This website is unavailable in some countries.
  • It currently has only one promotional offering


GGBet is an award-winning casino betting site that now offers esports betting. It is known for being a reliable and safe betting and casino website with excellent 24/7 customer service. GGBet offers esports games like League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2.

Payment Options: GGBet accepts VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Ukash, Neteller, and ClickandBuy


  • 24/7 support
  • 2 €10 free bets offer
  • Live Betting


  • Can add more esports games.

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More about League of Legends Betting Odds

As a beginner, betting on LoL will not be that easy because:

  • You need to play the game as much as you can in order to get to how it works and what the ingame characters powers are like.
  • You need to get all the information you can about teach esport tournament. 
  • You should know which strategy is right for each tournament.
  • You need to get familiar with the competing teams and their player roster

There are several competitions to follow. If you wish to make the most out of your LoL bet calculations, you should know which events or matches to bet on. Sadly, there is no quick answer to that.

Many esports viewers and even bookmakers who keep their eyes on the major tournaments such as NA/EU, LPL, LCS, and LCK. These people choose not to spend time on something else. This will mean there is huge value in choosing and following any lesser-known league such as the LCL for a reason. With that, you will be able to instantly recognize good matchups and the best opportunities that you shouldn’t miss.

Still, no one tells you to place your money only on the lesser-known and obscure LoL competitions. It is always better to spend your hard-earned money on the competitions or matches you know. The more familiar you are with them, the better. That will give you bigger chances to earn a return from your investments.

New esports players may also fall into the trap of betting on the concept called chain logic or following the form. It is not a nice idea when betting on traditional sports, and even to esports. As a beginner, you may tend to choose the upcoming matches and the first market you saw.

You must not bet on convenience. That is a bad practice. If you get started with betting right away even if you don’t understand well how it works, then your first attempt may result in a failure. Failing to recognize the notion of value at the sportsbook has something to do with inadequate preparation and poor research.

Try to use as much data, historical results, and models as possible because they will help you make a good decision in the end. Avoid betting on any match based on your emotions and gut-feelings. Also, you must avoid relying on the opinions of “expert” bettors you know.

Lol Betting Odds Made Easy | Esportsonly.com

Is Choosing Betting Odds Easy?

The newest esports market report says the esports industry may earn nearly $1.5 billion by the next two years with roughly 600 million audiences. That is not bad for the industry if that will come true, considering that the esports industry began only in the late 2000s.

You can define esports as the merge between sports and gaming events. Both team and individual players compete against one another in various computer games, including League of Legends. This activity has revealed a remarkable progress in interest over the past few years. The media aired more than 2.7 billion of esports videos in 2017 in North America alone.

Esports started as a way for the publishers to increase awareness of the games they offer. Today, the international esports Federation pushes to have esports known as an event in the Olympics by 2024. In fact, there are plans to create arenas that will be dedicated for eSports in a few casinos in the City of Las Vegas.

Traditional sports federations and clubs have shown their increasing interests in esports. Aside from the involvement of European soccer clubs in FIFA18 global tournaments, the NHL and NBA are also planning to consider esports for ice hockey and basketball. Formula1 is among the last few sports organizations that decided to venture into esports.

The publishers and operators of Esports tournaments deal with broadcasters to take advantage of this growing interest and awareness in esports. This will be a big break for broadcasters as it will let them engage with online and younger audience who are hard to persuade. A few broadcasters in the UK such as ITV and Sky and the Modern Times Group of Sweden have invested as well in esports.

Esports will be a huge opportunity for the platforms and broadcasters to create their OTT strategy by using the digital marketing opportunity to monetize their respective online services. Esports is a marvellous opportunity to make use of the advanced technology to engage the audiences and offer them the best, immersive experience. That can happen through using cutting-edge UHD technology and VR/AR proposals to improve esports coverage.

The future for esports looks promising. This will be great for everyone.