Kongdoo Monster

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 23, 2016

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Kongdoo Monster

Kongdoo Monsters is a South Korean esports organisation that was founded in February 2016. The company have four teams each of which specialise in different games like League of Legends, FIFA, Hearthstone and Overwatch.

Kongdoo Monsters have participated in the LCK Summer promotion 2016, LOL Kespa Cup defeated by Rox Tigers where they still won a prize of $17K. Their latest tournament was in December 2016 where they competed in the IEM Gyeonggi losing to Samsung Galaxy.

Kongdoo Monster consists of five professional players that were the former esports team, e-mFire. With a new season of League of Legends tournaments, they look forward to put their mistakes behind them and prove to the world that they are among the best Korean squads.

The Team

Kim Roach Kang hee

Kim ‘Roach’ Kang-hee image Source: lolesports.com

Kim ‘Roach’ Kang-hee is a talented top laner for Kongdoo Monsters. He started out his profession in gaming with NaJin e-mFire as a substitute playing the mid laner role in December 2015. Having mastered two positions, he has the skills to master a wide range of LOL characters.

Son Punch Min hyeok

Son ‘Punch’ Min hyeok Image Source: lolesports.com

Son ‘Punch’ Min-hyeok is a South Korean Jungler who competes for Kongdoo Monster. He began his competitive career in League of Legends with the squad, Pathos in 2015. Punch has a strong hero pool, known for his heavy ganking to get kills for his unit.

Lee Edge Ho seong

Lee ‘Edge’ Ho-seong Image Source: lolesports.com

Lee ‘Edge’ Ho-seong is a dedicated mid laner who plays for Kongdoo Monster. He started his competitive gaming career with KT Rolster as a substitute in the Champions 2015 Summer event losing to CJ-Entus. Edge is famous for his clutch plays that lead his unit to victory.

Seo Ssol Jin sol

Seo ‘Ssol’ Jin-sol Image Source: lolesports.com

Seo ‘Ssol’ Jin-sol is a Korean gamer who currently plays the AD Carry position for KongDoo Monster. Seo realised his professional career in 2015 with NaJin e-mFire at the Challengers Korea 2015 summer series. Ssol admires another esport player Deft from KT Rolster and hopes that he will get to compete against him some day.

Kim GuGer Do yeop

Kim ‘GuGer’ Do-yeop Image Source: lolesports.com

Kim ‘GuGer’ Do-yeop is a South Korean support player and captain for his current LOL team, Kongdoo Monster. Kim felt inspired watching CoreJJ’s performance at LOL World Championship, who can play AD Carry and Support. Guger vowed that he will develop his skills and abilities to be more of a flexible player. Throughout his career, statistics show that whenever he played LOL characters, Sivir, Corki and Calista, he helped win the matches.