Kayn, The Shadow Reaper

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 05, 2017

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A transforming champion whose transformation depends on who his opponents are, and on who he decides to make his primary targets. Enter Kayn, The Shadow Reaper.

…well this guy’s certainly different…


Kayn is an assassin jungler, mentored by none other than League’s very own Zed. Wielding the Darkin blade by the name of Rhaast, Kayn believes himself to be worthy of surpassing Zed and becoming the new leader of the Order of the Shadow. But Rhaast doesn’t plan on making it easy; it has long been waiting for the perfect host to come around so that it may be given the chance to join the rest of the Darkin. Will Kayn be able to bend the weapon to his will, or will Rhaast infest his mind and take over?

Side Note: Since Kayn essentially has 3 forms, I will start out by listing what the ability does when he is in his “normal” form, followed by the Shadow Assassin form, and then the Darkin form.

Passive – The Darkin Scythe

Normal Form: Kayn thrives on hunting his enemies; and gains power by means of orbs, depending on what type of enemy he engages, and defeats.


Fighting ranged characters awards Kayn with Shadow Assassin orbs that power his Shadow Assassin transformation. Once the meter has been filled, Kayn can take control over Rhaast and become the assassin he was always meant to be.


But, as previously mentioned, Kayn is also in danger of being controlled by the power that resides within the weapon that he clings to so dearly. At any moment, Rhaast could beat Kayn into submission, and emerge victorious.


Fighting melee characters rewards Kayn with Darkin orbs that strengthen Rhaast’s control over him. Once the meter has been filled, Rhaast can take over Kayn’s mind and acquire his true Darkin form.


Each form has its own passive, as well as added bonuses applied to a number of abilities, as you will see further below. 

Shadow Assassin Form: Kayn deals bonus magic damage during the first few seconds of combat against other enemy champions. 

Darkin Form: Spell damage applied by Kayn heals him for a portion of the damage dealt. 

Side Note: Once the meter has been filled, Kayn will be able to transform into whichever side he powered up to completion. However, the other transformation will also become available after a few minutes, should the player decide to take the other route. It should be noted that once Kayn transforms, there is no going back. 

Q – Reaping Slash


Normal Form: Kayn dashes forward, dealing physical damage to any enemy unit he passes through. At the end of his dash, Kayn slashes everyone around him, dealing more physical damage. 


Darkin Form: Damage applied by this ability is a percentage of the enemy’s health instead. 

W – Blade’s Reach


Normal Form: Kayn strikes his enemies in a line in front of him, dealing physical damage and slowing any enemies hit. 


Shadow Assassin Form: Kayn leaves behind a living shadow that will cast the ability in his stead. This ability’s range is increased while in this form. 


Darkin Form: Kayn knocks up any enemy hit with this ability.

E – Shadow Step 


Normal Form: Kayn gains a burst in movement speed and the ability to walk through walls. Should he enter a wall, Kayn is healed for a small amount, and the ability’s duration is greatly extended. However, if Kayn is in combat with an enemy champion, he will not be granted the extended duration. Any immobilizing effects end this ability immediately. 

Shadow Assassin Form: While traversing through a wall, Kayn gains an extra burst of movement speed and becomes immune to slowing effects.

Ultimate – Umbral Trespass 


Normal Form: Kayn infests a champion that he has recently damaged, becoming untargetable for a few seconds. After the duration has ended, Kayn bursts out of his victim, dealing physical damage on his way out. This ability can be re-cast whilst Kayn has infested the enemy champion to end it earlier. 


Shadow Assassin Form: This ability can be cast from a greater distance, and refreshes Kayn’s passive when he exits his victim.


Darkin Form: Kayn deals a percentage of the enemy’s maximum health on his way out instead. This ability also heals Kayn for a percentage of the enemy’s maximum health. 


I don’t know about you, but I’m honestly very excited for this champion. He feels like a combination of familiar and new, with his passive certainly bringing a new way to customise a character and playstyle to your personal preference. While the transformation aspect may seem complicated at first, it’s really more about choosing which bonuses you’d prefer over the others.

I have to congratulate whoever came up with the champion concept and design; a job well done. But that’s just my opinion, what about you guys? What are your feelings towards Kayn? I’ve read some comments that said that he looks generic, and while I can understand why people may think so, I’d have to disagree. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Until then, cya!!!