Juan ‘Contractz’ Garcia

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 13, 2017

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Juan ‘Contractz’ Garcia

Juan ‘Contractz’ Garcia is a seventeen year old professional gamer, hailing from Redwood City California. He takes over the Jungler position for Cloud 9 LOL roster performing with the heroes like Nidalee and Rek’Sai at several esports tournaments.

Where it all began:

Juan’s love for gaming all started with Town of Salem and Minecraft. Garcia decided to take on the alias Contractz after he came across the name ‘Contracts’ in another game, Minecraft. He also played League of Legends, practising the game casually for a year and a half. Improving on his skills.

Town of Salem video game

Contractz follows other strong junglers like Bjergsen, Svenskeren and Durdoch.”They’re all really super strong junglers that have played the game for a long time at the top level.”

The Team:

Cloud 9 is an American esports organisation that was founded in December 2012. The company started out with a League of Legends team made up of the former Quantic Gaming LOL players.

Cloud 9 LOL team5

Garcia joined Cloud 9 LOL in December 2016 to replace Meteos who left the team last February 2017. Apart from Contractz, at present the LoL roster includes Impact, Jensen, Sneaky and Smoothie.

Competition Participation:

Cloud 9 first tournament was in November 2012, at the Solomid Series Finals, battling it out against Team Curse with the record 1:3. They have participated in the NA LCS Spring and Summer seasons, Intel Extreme Masters X Cologne and IEM IX World Championship held in Katowice among many events.

NA LCS events

Their most recent competition was the NA LCS Spring Split 2017, ranking second in the group stages with an end score of 14-4.


The greatest win for Contractz and his C9 LOL team was at the World Championship 2016. Cloud 9 competed against Samsung Galaxy, they finished in fifth place to take home a prize of $ 268K.

Cloud 9 have done their best in several esports events to become one of the strong units there are at the moment. The squad has been awarded the best esports team by The Game Awards 2016.